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SLC Carpool Program 

Travelling to and from SLC? Try carpooling.

Sign up now at

St. Lawrence College has introduced a new online carpooling program for students, staff, and faculty on the Kingston, Brockville, and Cornwall campuses.

Our program allows you to travel exclusively with SLC students, staff, and faculty, and is convenient, economical, and green.

How does the program work?

  1. You need to access the website at
  2. Click "Sign-Up" to set up your personal account.
  3. You must provide your St. Lawrence College email as you can only connect with people at the College with an SLC email.
  4. Enter your "Trip-Origin" (where you live or where you wish to meet your carpool).
  5. After you confirm your email account you will be able to view your matches, find a match that meets your preferences, and contact them by phone or email.
  6. Matches will also be emailed to you periodically.

Questions? Contact us at