Surge Success

SLC student athletes

Story by Kevin Biggs, Manager, Athletics & Student Engagement

After being away from competition for so long, I was not sure what to expect from our programs heading into the 2021-22 school year. Being locked out of gymnasiums, fields, and fitness centers had a major impact on not just the physical but also the mental health of everyone involved in varsity programming.

I heard from our coaches throughout the pandemic and 2021 summer about how optimistic they all were, and how engaged and ready their student-athletes were for a strong season, no matter what the structure or format was. They communicated over and over that we are ready and want to play.

Having been involved in Athletics at St. Lawrence College for nine years, I’ve never experienced a fall term with this level of varsity success. And this is with our men’s rugby and cross-country teams still competing for provincial and national championship medals.

Everyone involved should be extremely proud of their team and individual accomplishments this term. You all represented the St. Lawrence Surge with pride, passion, and integrity, and you brought home the awards and medals to prove it.

Thank you to the Athletics team who put in countless hours, evenings, weekends, and overnights to support our teams this term. Whether it was last minute field changes, confirming eligibility, adapting to evolving COVID protocols, and even going on road trips. Thank you for going the extra mile for your teams.

Thank you to our coaches who also put in the countless hours with their teams. The success this term would not have been possible without your dedication and hard work. You gave our student-athletes an experience they will forever remember when they think back about their time at St. Lawrence College.

Lastly, to our team and individual award winners, congratulations on being recognized by the Ontario Colleges Athletics Association (OCAA) and Canadian Collegiate Athletics Association (CCAA). It is a tremendous honour to see the long list of teams, names, and awards listed below. I couldn’t be prouder of the effort and results to start the 2021-22 school year.

Congratulations everyone!


  • OCAA Team Division Gold medal
  • Jamaal Moussaoui: OCAA Gold medal, OCAA All-Ontario Team, & CCAA All-Canadian
  • Peter Beneteau: OCAA Silver Medal, OCAA All-Ontario Team, & CCAA All-Canadian


  • Three runners qualified for CCAA National Championship (Nov. 13)
  • Catherine Irwin: OCAA Gold medal, OCAA Rookie of the Year, & OCAA All-Ontario Team
  • Emma Malua Cimona: OCAA All-Ontario Team

Women’s Soccer

  • OCAA Silver medal
  • OCAA East Division winner
  • OCAA Best Defensive Team
  • Grace Van Hal: OCAA East Division Defensive Player of the Year & OCAA Championship All-Star
  • Melissa Gilligan: OCAA Scoring Champion, OCAA All-Star, & OCAA Championship All-Star
  • Constance Laroche-Lefebvre: OCAA All-Star

Men’s Soccer

  • OCAA East Division 2nd overall
  • Carlo Cannovan: OCAA East Division Coach of the Year
  • Tim Balfour: OCAA All-Star
  • Ryan Kiers: OCAA All-Star
  • Johnny McDonald: OCAA All-Star

Women’s Rugby

  • OCAA 4th Overall
  • Kate Pasic: OCAA Coach of the Year
  • Ella Van Hal: OCAA Rookie of the Year & OCAA All-Star
  • Tori Wentz: OCAA All-star

Men’s Rugby

  • Playing in OCAA Gold medal game on Nov. 13 – 1pm @ SLC
  • Finished regular season 1st overall 
  • Denis Aseltine: Coach of the Year
  • Travis Zelinski: OCAA Player of the Year & OCAA All-Star
  • Charles Oulton: OCAA All-Star
  • Sam Meindl: OCAA All-Star
  • Zak Raymond: OCAA All-Star
  • Evan Sim-Spence: OCAA All-Star


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