SLC Students Rebrand The Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market

The old Memorial Centre Farmers' Market logo is shown on the left and the newly rebranded logo on the right. The Spark logo is in the bottom right corner.

This case study was written by Madyson Kiepprien-Fraser, Marketing Coordinator, Spark Creative Communications

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The Story

Established in 2012, the Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market is now a producer-run group led by volunteers to bring agricultural, artisanal, and ready-to-eat products directly to local consumers. They pride themselves on providing products produced within 100km of their marketplace to the Kingston community and surrounding areas. 

The Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market set an efficient approach to supporting local farmers and artisans but by comparison, their approach to branding has never found its stride. They changed logo designs numerous times but were finally ready to invest in one that better represents their marketplace. 

For their 10-year anniversary, the Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market wanted to update their branding. Their logo was outdated and none of the vendors held any attachment towards the design, but they did like the beet icon. They asked Spark to create new branding that celebrates their history and appeals to their target audience. 

The Solution

Members of the Spark team conducted industry and market research to understand design requirements before developing a new logo. Inspiration was taken from Canadian farmer markets in their choice of form language and the sentiment evoked by their chosen imagery. Analytics and postal code data was used to understand the habits and preferences of the target audience in what imagery they interact with most frequently. Ultimately, Spark illustrated unique graphics to be used in the creation of a new logo design. The final design stands apart from others in the industry and will better catch the attention of the target audience.

Pictured above on the left is the original Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market logo. The version on the right is the final product made from a compilation of research, creativity, and client feedback. The image of a beet was incorporated into the final logo as a nod to the history of the marketplace and the evolution of their logo design. 

The Results

As a result of Spark creating a new brand identity for the Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market, they have been provided with a memorable logo that celebrates their ten years of business. Since this logo was founded off industry and consumer research, it should be a timeless addition to the markets’ history. The rebranding also provided the opportunity to create branded social media content celebrating and promoting the 10-year anniversary of the marketplace. 

The Testimonial

"I had a great time using my creativity and knowledge of the Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market to establish a new look and feel for the brand. This was my first time creating a professional logo for a real client and not a group assignment, so I gained a lot from the process of client feedback and implementation," said Amanda Moraal, Graphic Designer.

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