SLC Students at Spark Help Hülpr As They Map Out the Older Adult Experience

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This case study was written by Madyson Kiepprien-Fraser, Marketing Coordinator, Spark Creative Communications

Spark Project Category

User Experience

The Story

Hülpr focuses on the needs of older adults to maintain their dignity and independence. They fill the gap in patient transportation services to provide cost-efficient alternatives to taxis and emergency transportation services. Dedicated to customer-focused details, Hülpr hires individuals with healthcare backgrounds to ensure the safety and comfort of their clients throughout every step of their transportation journey.

Wanting to diversify their services, Hülpr is now seeking to develop a proactive tool with built in prompts and cumulative reward systems. Wishing to fully understand the benefits of this tool for their customers, Hülpr now aims to explore Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to gauge user satisfaction and compliance while warding off adverse events.

Hülpr originally approached Spark for help in user experience. The Spark team started by surveying the older adult population to understand their pain points, motivations, and needs.

The Solution

To help older adults maintain their independence at home, it’s important to understand which barriers they are encountering, and what motivates them to keep consistent schedules and communication with loved ones. Spark conducted user experience surveys to gain firsthand knowledge on these experiences and used this information to create a visual representation of their journey. Also known as a user journey map, this visual made it easy to compare the needs of older adults with the services currently offered by Hülpr and other health service providers.  
Through Spark, it became known that the key criteria for user success is to identify the correct motivational technique to engage with older adults. This finding will become an important factor as Hülpr moves into future research phases. 

The Final Project

Throughout this project, research assignments were run to understand the needs of senior citizens, their relatives, and home care providers. The final version of the Hülpr Buddy project will help senior citizens live independently by automatically sending reminders about medications and meals, and promote social engagement with those around them. The successful implementation of this in-home technology aims to reduce the stress put on retirement homes and minimize the impact of staffing shortages.

The senior’s experience is impacted by the actions of those around them. Spark created informed journey maps to highlight the interactions between seniors, their relatives, and the home care agencies supporting independent living. By understanding these connections, Hülpr aims to create an application that promotes the independence of seniors, reduces the anxiety of relatives, and eases the strain on retirement homes.  

The Testimonial

"This project is dear to the heart of Hülpr and the community hence it was fun brainstorming and finding innovative ways to provide the best experience even before product development. The Hülpr team was very collaborative." - Veronica, UX Designer 

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About Hülpr

Hülpr is a business prioritizing customer-focused services to ensure the dignity and security of older adults who are living independently. They serve as a bridge between transportation services and aging-in-place technologies to provide impactful services for those who need them the most.

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