New Student Experience Survey Launches February 16

A student sits in front of an open laptop. Above the laptop are illustrated happy, neutral, and sad faces with boxes below indicating the individual is completing a satisfaction survey.

SLC is launching a brand-new Student Experience Survey on February 16, 2021 for all students. Here are the top five things you need to know.

1. Students complete the survey online. Students will receive their survey link and instructions in their SLC email from The survey can be completed any time between February 16 and 26 and can be revisited if a student can’t complete it all at once.

  • Students may get 30 minutes of dedicated online class time to complete it. Faculty whose classes were selected to provide dedicated class time for survey completion will be contacted by their Dean or Associate Dean. Please advise your students the week prior to February 16 to have their survey email and link readily available during that time. 

2. The survey is anonymous. While each student will receive a unique survey URL, the use of a third-party vendor to collect and analyze the responses ensures that no one at SLC will ever know an individual student response.

  • A student’s response will not, and cannot, affect their grades or status as a student or their student VISA.
  • No one at SLC, including the student’s professors, will know their responses to the survey.

3. Students’ feedback will make a difference. Filling out the survey is worth the 20 minutes it will take. This is a chance for our students to provide feedback and insight into their needs and experiences so the College can identify tangible ways to make improvements to better serve our current and future students.

4. This survey replaces the KPI Survey. The former KPI Student Satisfaction and Engagement Survey, which was mandated and paper-based, was discontinued by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities. This allowed an opportunity to create a new survey that measures the student experience in the current climate. SLC was included in a consortium of 13 Ontario colleges, led by Sheridan College, to review and edit the new Student Experience Survey. The main purpose of the consortium was to create a common survey where the colleges can compare results.

5. This survey is different from the SLC Equity Census. The Equity Census is a voluntary survey that invites all SLC students and employees to share information about themselves, especially related to equity and belonging. The Student Experience Survey asks students about their needs, perceptions, and satisfaction with SLC regarding the quality of programs, learning experience/remote learning, services, facilities, health/well-being, belonging, and communications.

If you have questions, email Strategic Corporate Planning at

Strategic Corporate Planning team will receive survey results from the third-party vendor and will share high-level results with the College community.

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