Lunch and Learn this Month with Footprint SLC

The title Sustainability Workshop Series appears alongside the Footprint and St. Lawrence College logos

The Sustainability Workshop Series will bring SLC employees and students together for education on various sustainability topics.

Join Footprint SLC this March for weekly free lunch and learns and hear about what you can do to fight climate change on a daily basis. Sustainability as a concept can be both broad and overwhelming as it covers so many topics and a lot of action is needed to help our planet cool-off and to implement system-wide change.

This speaker series is focused on what YOU can do as an individual to lower your impact and make smart, planet-friendly decisions that help to fight climate change on a daily basis. The series will feature experts who will share practical tips to help get started and will share their ideas with our SLC community.


Financing Your Sustainable Life

Presented by Tim Nash, Good Investing
Tuesday, March 7, 2023
Innovation Hub

This talk covers basic financial literacy in a way that is engaging and entertaining. Tim takes the participant on a journey to achieving personal financial sustainability. We discuss budgeting for financial goals, investment basics, and how to avoid common financial pitfalls. Examples include the need for an emergency savings account and the difference between stocks & bonds.

Ethical decision-making is woven throughout the journey, as participants learn about impact options like credit unions and community bonds. This talk is perfect for an audience that wants to level up their financial knowledge, and take steps to align their money with their values.

Free lunch will be provided for all attendees. Register here.

Bonus Event: Cano Reusable Container Launch

Tuesday, March 7 & Wednesday, March 8, 2023
Stop by the Kingston cafeteria for free coffee and poutine

SLC is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Cano Company to launch a new reusable food container program that will help us significantly reduce single-use packaging. The solution is available at Brown's. Footprint SLC will be set up by the Kingston cafeteria on March 7 and 8 -- join us for free coffee and poutine and learn more about the Cano reusable container.

With Cano's mobile app, our SLC community can now borrow different sizes of cups and food containers for their coffees and lunches, measure their positive impact on the environment and get points to redeem rewards. Download the free app at

SLC is proud to support a Canadian startup that will help us achieve our sustainability goals.

Coming soon to the Brockville and Cornwall campuses!

Eating Sustainably

Presented by Maddy Uens, Culinary Program Graduate & Lionsheart Inc.
March 14, 2023

Maddy will lead a workshop on cooking in a more sustainable manner. Using low-impact recipes, participants will get to participate in a cooking demonstration and will learn about cooking without meat, how to focus on incorporating local and organic food, and can learn about the benefits of composting, reducing food waste, and correct recycling.

Participants will receive prizes to help recreate Maddy’s recipes at home!

Please note: Space is limited. Participants will need to wear closed toe shoes.

Manage Your Energy

Presented by Cedric Pepelea, Sustainable Kingston
Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Innovation Hub

Cedric will share pertinent information from Sustainable Kingston regarding the need to reduce and optimize energy use in light of the climate crisis we face today. This presentation will focus on managing daily energy use on a personal level and how every participant can make a difference with the choices they make at home. Cedric will share ways to reduce one’s carbon footprint and emissions and information about the various resources available to incorporate a sustainable outlook when it comes to energy use.

Free lunch will be provided for all attendees. Register here.

Sustainable Transportation

Presented by Dan Hendry, Youth Transit Project/Limestone District School Board
Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Innovation Hub

This session will present participants with an overview of the sustainable transportation options available in Kingston and why incorporating sustainable transportation into some or all of your routine can make a big impact on your wallet, health, and on the planet. The session will provide an overview of accessing transit and why this is an excellent option for students and staff of SLC.

This session will also include an on-bus component where Dan will demonstrate features of Kingston's public transit system and include information such as accessing the transit system, payments, incorporating bikes and transit on your route, and more.

Free lunch will be provided for all attendees. Register here.

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