June is National Indigenous History Month

indigenous history month

June is National Indigenous History Month. SLC employees and students are encouraged to participate in community-based and self-guided learning opportunities throughout the month, honouring the Indigenous Peoples of Canada through culture, tradition, storytelling, and recognition of experiences, achievements, and resilience. The Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival taking place in Ottawa and surrounding areas throughout the month of June offers many opportunities to get involved and celebrate!  
Throughout June, we will share information about Indigenous history, celebrations taking place in our shared communities, and ways we are honouring our commitment to Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being (IWKB) at SLC through campus life and educational experience. To mark Indigenous History Month, SLC has raised the Every Child Matters flag on all campuses.  
To begin our learning journey this month, we encourage SLC community members to spend time thoughtfully developing a personal land acknowledgement. Learn how on our website.  
While many believe land acknowledgements are a newer concept, they have been used by Indigenous Nations across Turtle Island for a very long time, to show respect and share kinship when visiting other territories. Developing a land acknowledgement is a learning opportunity for the speaker on the history and traditional Peoples of the territory, and it demonstrates respect and professional commitment to reconciliation.  
At SLC, we have access to several resources to help guide you on your personal land acknowledgement journey. Educational Developer and Curriculum Consultant of IWKB, Shannon Hall, is available to provide individual and team land acknowledgement building workshops. Please contact Shannon for more information and to book a workshop.  
SLC is proud to be a Downie & Wenjack Legacy School working toward reconciliation through commitment to spread awareness and education, and to promote action. Through the Downie & Wenjack Fund, we have access to many excellent resources, including the Creating your own Land Acknowledgement webinar.  
Included below are some additional online resources to help you on your path. Please keep in mind that the maps are living documents that are being continually updated, and information discovered through the maps is best verified by an Indigenous person from the territory or treaty land.  
Native Land – an interactive map of Indigenous territories, treaties, and languages  
Whose Land – an interactive map of Indigenous territories and treaties 
Finding Your Personal Land Acknowledgement (University of Saskatchewan) – video series exploring elements of understanding important to building a land acknowledgment 
Crawford Purchase (The Encyclopedia of Canada) - detail of the Upper Canada Land Surrenders 
Haudenosaunee Confederacy - represented by the Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas, Senecas composing the united nations of the region 

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