International Education Week in Canada: Three conference presentations by SLC staff and faculty

CBIE 2021 Virtual Conference Nov 15-19

Submitted by Shelley Aylesworth-Spink, VP, International Education

SLC staff and faculty will present three sessions at the Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE) virtual conference November 15-19, 2021.

The focus for the conference is a dialogue to reimagine community on a global scale. Presenters will ponder: What does belonging and connection look like within our interconnected global community? As international education leaders and practitioners, how do we navigate the complexities within and across our global and local communities towards a sustainable and inclusive future of education?

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging: The Student Perspective, November 15, 3:15 pm

Session abstract: This session will provide an overview of the successful implementation of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging in a first-year business course. Attendees will hear from faculty about the design of the course and the stories of students who participated in the course. To conclude, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a Q&A period with the faculty and student presenters to allow for further unpacking of this experience in ways that are most meaningful to participants.

Session leaders: Adam McGregor, Professor, Wendy Whitehead, Professor, Dariya Galayeva, SLC Student, Jasmin Cox, SLC Student

Enriching the Student Experience through Journey Mapping, November 15, 3:15 pm

Session abstract: Participants will be provided with a theoretical framework for journey mapping and will observe the concept applied to daily life. The workshop panelists will offer four concrete examples of journey mapping focused on recruitment, admissions, pre-departure/orientation and documentation support. Participants will then be provided with an opportunity to apply the framework in a break-out session where they will be guided to adapt the journey mapping concept to their own service area.

Session leaders: Marlynne Ferguson, Manager, International Operations, Laura Naumann, Registrar, Laura Caldwell, International Student Advisor

A Holistic Approach to the International Student Experience: From Problem to Progress, November 17, 2:15 pm

Session abstract: Circa 2017, the international education industry has experienced a seismic shift. International student success requires collaboration; recruitment can no longer operate in isolation but must focus on a holistic approach to the international student journey. This session explores major issues faced by college faculty and staff, research on the subject, and considers an innovative role to improve the international student journey – that of the Spiritual Care Facilitator.

Presenters: Alex Zimmerman, Regional Manager, International Student Recruitment, Christina Decarie, Professor and Program Coordinator, International Business Management, Kathy Doering, Spiritual Care Facilitator

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