Global Learning Opportunities Week: Celebrating Diversity at SLC

A group of students and community members stand behind a table with food on it from Philippines

Written by David Millson, Marketing and Event Assistant, Global Learning. Photos by Alison Pitcher.

Global Learning Opportunities Week (GLOW) took place at St. Lawrence College the week of March 6-10. The first annual GLOW was a joint collaboration with the Global Learning Centre, Belonging, People, and Culture, the Student Association, and SLC Surge. The week was packed full of exciting events that educated and showcased SLC’s rich diversity and multiculturalism to the community.

Multicultural Fair

The multicultural fair allowed students to proudly showcase their cultural heritage, which displayed the many cultures represented in our SLC community. Attendees were able to see or taste something new or familiar. They had the opportunity to learn new songs or a few phrases in a new language. This fun opportunity allowed the SLC community to learn about the cultures represented from around the world.

One student who attended the multicultural fair had this to say about the event, "It was heartwarming to see all the people there. Aside from the many students coming from different backgrounds, I think coming out of the pandemic and experiencing different cultures in an open space was a nice experience. I liked seeing the people enjoy their time and taste different food. Hopefully, this kind of fair happens again, maybe in a bigger space, so that more people get to join and to roam around more!"

Read Between the Minds

The Read Between the Minds event gave students and the surrounding tri-campus communities the chance to have an informal conversation with someone who comes from various cultural backgrounds and life experiences. This event promoted acceptance, celebrated differences, and challenged our own assumptions and beliefs.

One attendee of the Read Between the Minds event shared, "I gained insights on prejudice and discrimination. While I am familiar with the struggles Shannon has of maintaining a foot in two worlds, it was interesting to hear from the student attendee regarding her feelings towards Black History Month events at the College and the reasoning behind the reluctance of some to participate in these events."

This was a great way to learn and connect with each other through storytelling. The Read Between the Minds event was a collaboration with local public libraries, SLC Libraries, and Global Learning Centre that brought live books to our campuses. Thank you to the volunteers that told their stories from SLC students, staff, and community members.

Global Conversation Club

The Global Conversation Club (GCC) is a time for students to meet people and practice English. The GCC is a tri-campus in-person or online event that occurs weekly. Bring your questions and ideas to share with club members from around the world. Be shown new ways of thinking in a relaxed atmosphere and make new friends all while practicing your English! Visit the GCC webpage for more information.

Read the World

The Global Learning Centre hosted a display of resources that showcased stories of global human experiences. There were travel books, novels, and films. Through the stories told people gained a greater appreciation of many cultures, including their own. 

Global Learning Centre Open House

Staff and faculty were invited to visit the Centre to decorate the wall by constructing a wooden world map. They could also browse our “Read the World” display with books, games, and collections from around the world. This open house allowed SLC staff and faculty to meet with the staff to learn about our services and how we support partnerships and global learning.

Overall, GLOW week was a great success in celebrating the diversity and multiculturalism of the SLC community. Thank you to all the organizers, volunteers, and attendees who made it such a memorable event!

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