Digital Marketing Communications Students Partake in an Introduction to Recreational Fishing Workshop

DMC students participating in the workshop holding fishing rods

Pictured L-R: Davis Tom, Parth Dhanesh Advani, Rehan Jaggi, Maria Claudia Penaranda Vargas, Samuel Mbawine Ayalingo, Wendy MacFarlane, Paul Andrew Martirez, Elizabeth Dimitriov, Karan Pal Singh, Yvonne Brown (Founder, Ontario Women's Anglers), Ronak Chhagan Bhanushali, Gail Talasan-Manigsaca, Micah Imomotebegha, Amandeep Kaur, Arjun Vasudevan Dev. Photo credit: Gail Talasan-Manigsaca.

My name is Elizabeth Dimitrov and I am a student in the Digital Marketing Communications (DMC) graduate certificate program at St. Lawrence College in Kingston. What makes this program exceptional is its unique agency model, which enables students to gain practical, hands-on experience by working on real marketing solutions, and overcoming industry challenges presented by real clients. Through frequent face-to-face interactions with clients, students become fully immersed in each client’s business in order to develop effective marketing strategies tailored to their specific objectives. This year, our class was fortunate enough to work with Yvonne Brown, the founder and president of Ontario Women Anglers, and we were delighted to attend her Introduction to Recreational Fishing workshop hosted right here at our college.

Ontario Women Anglers is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization that provides a variety of programs for both new and experienced female anglers to increase their fishing skills and to network with others who share a passion for fishing and the outdoors. The organization strives to establish an environment where women who enjoy fishing are welcomed by a community of like-minded individuals. Ontario Women Anglers provides educational resources for women who fish, all while promoting environmental conservation practices from within the organization. Yvonne aspires to maximize the sport’s growth by encouraging female participation, hoping that women will pass on their skills and knowledge to the next generation of new anglers.

The workshop consisted of a general introduction to fishing as a recreational activity and its many benefits. It began with a concise explanation of the required licenses needed for fishing and boating and the appropriate time of year to fish based on location, species, and equipment. Yvonne then embarked on a deep dive into the intricate safety regulations, emphasizing the importance of fishing legally, ethically, and during the proper season. In addition, she provided a brief but comprehensive lesson on fish identification, including how to identify invasive species and the safest ways to hold commonly encountered species of fish.

To make the workshop more engaging and interactive, Yvonne used visual aids to demonstrate the proper fishing equipment use. She was able to disseminate an abundance of essential knowledge in an easily digestible format while keeping the group engaged with her sociable demeanor and contagious passion for fishing. This included standard fishing regulations such as the number of fish one can keep at a time and their size restrictions, the various types of live bait, the best circumstances for using different kinds of fishing line, different types of rods and reels available, and how to set up each one.

As part of the interactive portion of the workshop, Yvonne brought in two types of rods, two types of fishing hooks, and two types of artificial bait. All students were invited to gain hands-on experience with the equipment. The entire group had the chance to adopt the essential fishing skills of putting different types of plastic bait on different hooks, assembling a fishing rod, and casting a fishing line. This was a wonderful way to get the class involved and have a chance for a one-on-one conversation with Yvonne. At the end of the workshop, Yvonne provided us with an array of additional online resources which offer more specific and in-depth insight into any further questions we may have.

Overall, Yvonne's workshop covered a broad range of topics related to fishing, ensuring that participants were left with a better understanding of the activity and how to enjoy it safely and responsibly. She emphasized the many benefits of being a member of Ontario Women Anglers, focusing on the mentor-like dynamic and tight-knit community that makes the experience truly valuable.

Being part of the Digital Marketing Communications program has allowed me to learn new skills and network with local businesses and organizations that I would not have had access to otherwise. I am grateful to have participated in this informative workshop alongside such an ambitious group of students.

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