Call for participants to join SLC’s new Ad-Hoc Program Advisory Committees

A man sits at a desk in front of dual computer screens, which display coding and programming.

SLC is developing three new programs and is seeking community members to join the Ad-Hoc Program Advisory Committees to provide important insights. The programs are Serious Game Design, Mechatronics, and 3D Animation.

As part of our program development process, it is critical to integrate the voice of employers to ensure that the training we develop aligns to the needs of industry, both now and in the future.

We are inviting those working in the fields of game design, mechatronics, and 3D animation to attend an Ad-Hoc Program Advisory Committee session. The virtual sessions are 1.5-hour in which SLC’s program planning department representatives present the current learning outcomes, program of study, and hear feedback from employers and industry personnel.

Serious Game Design: Tuesday, January 25, 4-5:30pm 
Location: Virtual via Microsoft Teams

3D Animation: Wednesday, January 26, 4-5:30pm
Location: Virtual via Microsoft Teams

Mechatronics: Thursday, January 27, 4-5:30pm
Location: Virtual via Microsoft Teams

If you are unavailable to join your session but are interested in providing insight, let us know if we can contact you about future meetings, or ask you a few questions.

Session Contact 
Kristina Silver
Program Developer, 
Department of Program Planning, Development, and Renewal
St. Lawrence College

Program Details

Serious Game Design – Ontario Graduate Certificate (one year) 
Students will learn how to translate learning needs from a variety of sectors such as aerospace defense, medicine, and government, into interactive game simulations for training purposes. They will learn essential psychology of game development and instructional design and apply these to the creation of engaging and immersive training materials. From initial conceptualization and design phases to conducting user tests to evaluate alignment of the product to desired learning or training outcomes, students work in a range of employment settings and sectors, and using instructional design principles, will create high quality serious games for training clients in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors.

3D Animation – Ontario Graduate Certificate (one year) 
3D Animation students will conceptualize, pitch, and create 3D animations and animation sequences. Skills acquired include lighting, texturing, rendering, and rigging, and fundamental elements of 3D animation while using specialized software such as Maya. Students learn to work effectively in creative teams in a range of settings, including film, television, gaming, forensics, military, interior design, medicine, and industrial design. 

Mechatronics – Ontario College Diploma (two years) 
Mechatronics brings together the principles of industrial automation, advanced manufacturing, robotics, electrical and mechanical engineering, and computer programming. Acquired skills include working individually and collaboratively to troubleshoot problems with machines, identify and act on preventative/predictive maintenance actions, and design individualized machine and machine systems solutions.

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