Black History Month at SLC

Black History Month

February is Black History Month which provides all Canadians with an opportunity to become better informed about the contributions made by Black Canadians throughout history, as well as insight into their experiences. Here are three ways you can participate and engage during Black History Month.

1. Get to know the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion and attend an upcoming webinar

As members of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) all SLC employees have access to the following webinars during Black History Month.

Thursday, February 3, 2022, 1:00 PM   
Addressing Anti-Black Racism in the Workplace - Fireside chat   
Hosted by: Anne-Marie Pham  
CCDI sits down with thought leaders to discuss what organizations can do continue the hard work of dismantling anti-Black racism and continue to build concrete ways to sustain these efforts.
Available in French on February 10 

Thursday, February 17, 2022, 1:00 PM   
History of Race and Racism in Canada  
Hosted by: Sarita Addy  
Race and racism have left its mark on the Canadian landscape and its effects continues to be felt in various aspects of our lives today. In this webinar, we will explore the history of race and racism in Canada. In revisiting historic events that have influenced race relations, we will trace how these ideological constructions created the inequalities prevalent in our society today. 
Available in French on February 24 

Steps to register for a CCDI Webinar:

  • Click on the link here, choose a webinar and select Register as an Employer Partner at the bottom of the page.
  • Fill out the form selecting I work for a CCDI Employer Partner and select St. Lawrence College from the drop-down menu.
  • NOTE: Once registered you will receive an email confirming your registration, but you will NOT receive a calendar invite until the day before the webinar.
  • Please block the time off in your calendar in the meantime so you do not double book yourself. Registration for webinars closes at 4pm EST the day before.

2. Learn about the accomplishments of Black Canadians

Check out the Canadian Race Relations Foundation – they are profiling Black Canadians and their accomplishments every day this month.

3. Attend the workshop hosted by SLC

SLC will be hosting the following workshop at the end of February, date is TBD. Watch for more information and registration link.

Race & Privilege: An Honest, Overdue Conversation with Ourselves  

“If a conversation is hard, it’s probably the one worth having.” Sparked by the recent anti-Black racism protests around the world, this interactive session will utilize a conversational toolkit, wildcards and a series of dialogue-based questions that will help to empower difficult conversations around race and privilege with one another, but most importantly — with ourselves. The session will also engage participants in gaining perspective on and challenging the assumptions we make about one another based on our personal privileges. This conversation is not easy. It does not end when hype slows, or after a week of posting on our social media. It is life-long work, and it begins with us. So, let's connect.

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