Conduct in and Online Environment

Online Learning & Communication

With classes being delivered in alternate formats, we are relying on online and virtual communication more than ever. Your ability to express yourself clearly and properly online is so important. Your classmates will be your future coworkers, your instructors will be your future references. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to make sure your online communication represents you in a positive manner.

SLC Student Code of Conduct 

Familiarize yourself with the St. Lawrence College Student Code of Conduct so you know what the expectations and responsibilities of SLC students are and the following relevant student responsibility:

(e) refrain from using information and communication technologies, such as e-mail, cell phones, text or instant messaging, social media, AirDrop technology (Bluetooth messaging) and websites to engage in deliberate, repeated and/or hostile behaviour that has a negative impact on another person's dignity, causes harm or makes a person feel unsafe. (p.4).

The Code of Conduct can be found on your page under Academics>Student Code of Conduct Policy

For more information, or to report inappropriate online behaviour, contact the tri-campus Student Rights & Responsibilities Office:

Or if the behaviour is concerning or unsafe, you can also make a report to Behavioural Intervention Team