Academic Appeal Policy

St. Lawrence College is committed to fairness and requires adherence to policy in decisions affecting students.

Academic appeals provide a mechanism for reasonable review of academic decisions. St. Lawrence College is responsible for maintaining standards that promote academic integrity and student success. The St. Lawrence College Academic Appeals Policy is based upon the concept of collegiality and seeks to find common ground and build consensus leading to a mutually satisfactory resolution. Should a student perceive that their learning experience or an academic decision has not been fair or accurate, the faculty and staff share a common interest in resolving the dispute in a professional, transparent and timely manner through the academic appeal process outlined in this policy. A student may appeal an academic decision when the grounds for appeal outlined in this policy are met.

The Academic Appeal process at St. Lawrence College includes three levels:

To launch an appeal, download and complete the appeal form above and send it to your faculty member, requesting an appeal meeting. 

    The student and faculty must meet face-to-face (can be via video or telephone) to review the academic decision in question. An Appeal Advisor, such as the Student Rights & Responsibilities Officer, may be present if requested by both parties. This meeting and decision are documented on the Academic Appeal Form.

    If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of the Level 1 meeting they may pursue a Level 2 Academic Appeal to the Associate/Campus Dean. Within 2 business days from receiving the faculty’s decision, the student must contact the Student Rights & Responsibilities Officer ( to determine if the appeal meets the criteria to proceed. An administrative fee of $25 will be charged. Within 5 business days, the Associate/Campus Dean hears the level 2 appeal, meeting separately or as a group with the student, the Appeal Advisor, and the faculty member.

    If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of the Level 2 appeal, Level 3 of the appeal process provides an opportunity for a review of the level 1 and Level 2 procedures and ensures that these decisions conform to the College’s academic policies. The Level 3 Appeal Committee is made up of administration, faculty, and students, all trained in the Academic Appeal Procedure. The Appeal Advisor attends this meeting with the student; the student may also invite a support person. Decisions of the Level 3 Appeal Committee are final and binding.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    An appeal must be launched within five (5) business days of receiving written notification of an academic decision. Students have 2 business days between levels to decide to proceed or not. Faculty, Deans and the Appeal Committee have three (3) business days to make a decision about the appeal. Please note that the student must actively monitor his/her own timelines at each step of the Academic Appeal Procedure or the appeal will be abandoned.

    An administrative fee will be charged at Level 2 of the Academic Appeal Procedure. The fee will be refunded to the student in the event that the academic appeal is granted.

    Students will need to complete the Academic Appeal form, and provide any documents which may support the appeal. It is important that students provide all important detail in their appeal statement, contact the Student Rights & Responsibilities Officer if you need assistance with completing this form.

    For questions and assistance, contact the Student Rights & Responsibilities Officer at:

    • Hours: Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm
    • On-campus: Kingston Welcome Centre