Winter 2022

Program delivery information and FAQs for the winter semester.

Due to rapidly increasing COVID cases, Winter 2022 semester plans have changed. Students should check their SLC email and Blackboard for specific course delivery information.

For the start of the Winter 2022 semester, SLC courses will be delivered via alternative delivery EXCEPT for practical labs and workshops, which will be on-campus/in-person unless confirmed otherwise by your professor. This covers programs offered at all three campuses.   
SLC plans to gradually transition from alternative delivery to increased in-person learning and activity on campus as the winter semester unfolds. 

Alternative Delivery/Online

All other programs not listed below will be using alternative delivery methods for course delivery until further notice. Practical labs and workshops will be on-campus/in-person unless confirmed otherwise by your professor. We expect this to be a short-term adjustment. Check your SLC email and Blackboard for specific course delivery information.

The following programs were already being offered via 100% alternative delivery/online for the entire semester:

  • Business Analytics – International – semester 1
  • Business Core Programs - semesters 1 and 3-6 - Accounting, HR (+fast track), Business, Marketing
  • Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA) – all semesters
  • Computer Programming and Analysis (CPA) – third year only
  • Computer Systems Technician – semester 1
  • Digital Marketing Communications – semester 1
  • Food Safety and Security Techniques – semester 1
  • Health Care Administration – semester 1
  • International Business Management – semesters 1 and 2
  • Office Administration (General, Health Services, Legal, Health Services/Legal) - semester 1
  • Project Management - semester 1
  • UX Design – semesters 1 and 2

International students only: If you are not yet able to travel to Canada, please check your SLC email for additional information and options regarding semester 1 delivery.

For questions regarding the specifics by course, please contact your academic school office.

Winter 2022 semester FAQ

The information in the Q&A below applies to first-year and returning students whose courses begin in January. Updates will be added in the coming weeks as more information is available.

Only programs that were already confirmed to be 100% online or alternative delivery for the entire semester are listed. All other courses previously planned to be on-campus will now begin the semester as alternative delivery. Check your Blackboard for details about specific courses.

Detailed timetables will be available in your portal. Enrolment is ongoing for Winter 2022. Please continue to monitor your timetable on for updates. Exceptions will occur if custom timetables are required or due to course failures.

All timetables will be subject to change until the first week of classes as usual; however, schedules are not changing in light of the adjustment to course delivery for the beginning of the Winter 2022 semester. This means your timetable will stay the same for the entire semester (barring one-off or extenuating circumstances specific to your course i.e., make-up classes). Students should check Blackboard for specific course delivery information. 

Campuses are open. Students with labs preceded or followed by classes can join alternative delivery courses from a space on campus, either the classroom designated for your course, a smaller study room, or a study nook.

Course delivery is not being adjusted because campus is not safe, the gradual return to increased activity on campus is a result of SLC being cautious as we don’t know what regulations and requirements we will be held to in January as a result of the pandemic. SLC campuses are a fully vaccinated environment, because anyone who is there in person is fully vaccinated or has an approved exemption with a recent negative rapid test result. Certain programs require in-person, practical components to meet learning outcomes and this approach will enable students to continue progressing in their programs.

  • If you are a student entering semester 1, please check your email as any available options have or will be sent to you from
  • If you are a student entering semester 2 or above, and your program is not on the list above to be delivered 100% alternate delivery/online for the entire semester, you may have to defer to a future semester. As a reminder, you have received individual communication from one of SLC’s international recruitment managers and are asked to follow up with your program coordinator.

According to IRCC, international students may continue studies online outside of Canada and count that time towards the length of their post-graduate work permit until August 31, 2022. For all other information concerning post-graduate work permits, please see IRCC’s website. International students should also contact their International Student Advisor to ensure they have the most recent information about post-graduate work permit eligibility.

We have adjusted program delivery for the beginning of the semester to mitigate potential impacts from the pandemic. We will respect public health requirements and respond accordingly if the province enters lockdown again or changes the post-secondary provincial framework for operating.

Information on the SLC vaccination policy can be found here. Vaccination appointments are available by clicking here.

Note that effective December 18, all SLC students and employees are required to re-submit their proof of vaccinated status via the SLC Safe app by January 3, 2022. Details outlined here.

Here are 3 tips to help you prepare:  

  1. Check your student email, Blackboard, and often. Students should check their SLC email and Blackboard for specific course information, and the student portal connects you to important college services and resources. 
  2. Familiarize yourself with the protocols for coming to campus. 
  3. Re-submit your proof of vaccination in the SLC SAFE app by January 3, 2022. Details outlined here.

    Domestic students and returning international students are not able to defer but may be able to withdraw within the first few days of the semester, depending on program and status. Learn more about withdrawals.

    New international students entering semester 1 should check their SLC email for communication regarding deferral by the deadline of December 17, 2021.

    At this time, we are anticipating that all programming for Spring 2022 will be on campus/in person.