Proof of Vaccination

Instructions for uploading your proof of vaccination using the SLC SAFE app.

Proof of Vaccination

Effective December 18, 2021, all SLC students and employees are required to re-submit proof of their vaccinated status via the SLC SAFE app. Information submitted prior to December 18, 2021, will have been erased from the system.

All SLC students and employees are required to provide proof they are fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption using the SLC SAFE app by January 3, 2022.
Everyone entering an SLC campus building is required to provide proof of full vaccination or approved exemption and negative antigen test result. Contractors and visitors are required to be fully vaccinated or have an approved medical exemption (and negative rapid antigen test result from within three days/72 hours) in order to come to campus. Note: you must be part of a pre-arranged group or event to access campus. SLC campuses remain closed to the general public until further notice.

Gather your vaccination records

To prepare, ensure you have image files of your COVID-19 vaccination records or receipts.

  • Take a screenshot of your Ontario COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination (enhanced certificate with QR Code) or your Ontario COVID-19 Vaccination receipt, this can be used as proof in SLC SAFE app.
  • If you can't locate your vaccine receipt emails, get your electronic COVID-19 vaccine receipts from the Government of Ontario. Open the PDFs, take screenshots, and save the image files.
  • Note: the app is unable to accept PDFs.

Use the SLC SAFE app

Vaccinated status is confirmed in the SLC SAFE app - the same app people use for the daily health screening questions if coming to campus.  

confirm your vaccination status

Follow these quick and easy steps to upload your proof of vaccination in the SLC SAFE app.

This is where you find your daily health screening and the updated vaccine passport, to upload your proof of vaccination.

Note: If you have a notice in the black bar at the bottom of the app, you should tap to update the app before resubmitting your proof of vaccination. 

This will let you start your application for proving your vaccination status.

Just a few quick steps to upload your proof of vaccination.

Pick Student or Staff to confirm your school affiliation.

  • Upload clear photos of proof of your vaccination doses.
  • Click the box to consent to SLC receiving a record of your proof of vaccination.
  • Information held in secure location and in accordance with PHIPPA regulations.
  • Privacy information for the app is available here.

Thank you for participating in the SLC vaccination policy, which is intended to protect the safety and well-being of all members of the SLC community. 

Notes: You only need to resubmit your proof of vaccination once for the Winter 2022 semester. Do NOT submit additional applications as this will slow the review of your vaccine verification. Do NOT upload proof of vaccination daily; the only daily requirement is the active health screening in the SLC SAFE app.

Thank you for participating in the SLC vaccination policy, which is intended to protect the safety and well-being of all members of the SLC community.

Frequently Asked Questions

The SLC SAFE app has been reset for a new semester. You are required to upload your proof in accordance with the SLC vaccination policy. All students and employees are asked to confirm their vaccinated status, whether they are coming to campus or not.

Vaccination records are held in a secure database that only SLC Health and Safety and health professionals can access. You can find information about the privacy policy of the app provider here.

Once your proof is uploaded, you will get a yellow QR code that indicates your approval is pending. A health professional will confirm your information is all correct, and your QR code will turn green. 

SLC students and employees can use this website to submit their vaccination application and display vaccination status to enter the College. Note the system accepts photos and the url can be used in any browser. You will be required to bring a printout of your vaccination status QR code with you each time you come to campus if you cannot show it on a mobile device. We recommend carrying a copy of this QR code with you for those times you forget your mobile device.

Orange QR codes mean you have proof of full vaccination, but your proof hasn’t been confirmed in the system yet. You can access campus with an orange QR code until January 14, 2022, and do not need to do rapid antigen testing.

Red QR codes mean your vaccination application has been denied and someone will contact you to confirm that you have an approved exemption, or to help you know what is required for completing your vaccination application.

Orange to green: Orange QR codes turn green when the uploaded proof is confirmed.

Red to green: Red QR codes change to green when someone who has an exemption has had their document exemption approved by the health professionals screening vaccination information via the app.

Yes. All SLC students and employees are asked to confirm their vaccinated status via the app.

Yes. As of November 22, 2021, anyone accessing an SLC campus is required to be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption. If you are not fully vaccinated and do not have an approved exemption on file you are required to inform SLC of your status.

Yes. Your exemption will be noted and you will be provided with the QR code you need to access campus. Please note that individuals with exemptions are still required to submit proof of a negative rapid antigen test from within three days/72 hours to prior to each time you come to campus. 

No. The app is only for SLC students and employees to upload vaccination records into. As a visitor to campus, you are required to be fully vaccinated before coming to campus. If you have an approved medical exemption, you are required to have a negative result from a rapid antigen test completed within three days/72 hours of coming to campus. Please note that process is managed by the person booking your event or activity. See your event organizer for details. 

YesSLC contractors ensure the employees they send to work on SLC campuses and in SLC facilities are compliant with the vaccination policy. The contracted company ensures that their employees are either fully vaccinated or have had a negative result on a rapid antigen test within the past three days/72 hours of accessing campus or a college facility. They also ensure their employees have completed the daily health screening to ensure they are free from COVID-19 symptoms.

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