Reports, Plans, and By-Laws

2017-2020 St. Lawrence College Strategic Mandate Agreement

2017-2018 SMA Annual Report

Each of Ontario’s 45 publicly funded universities and colleges has an agreement highlighting institutional priorities for the period 2017-2020. These are called Strategic Mandate Agreements.

The agreements help promote student success and institutional excellence. They encourage institutions to work with the government to help build a highly skilled workforce and also put an emphasis on collaboration and openness. They focus on each institution’s strengths to enhance quality and outcomes, as well as planned enrolment growth and financial sustainability.

Link to all SMAs - click here.
SLC SMA - 2015-2016
SLC SMA - 2014-2015
Multi-Year Accountability Agreement - 2013-2014
Multi-Year Accountability Agreement - 2012-2013
Multi-Year Accountability Agreement - 2011-2012

SLC in Five - Our 2019-2024 Strategic Plan

SLC in Five ensures we collectively understand what our key priorities are for the next five years. The plan conveys how important it will be for us to continue working together, how our objectives will support the college values.

Our College Vision

Rooted in our communities, we will be a globally recognized college delivering innovative learning opportunities and preparing career-ready graduates to be leaders in their fields.

Our College Mission

We are dedicated to student success, academic excellence and leadership in our communities.

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