Through a consultative and collaborative process, members of the EDI Taskforce will utilize an intersectional equity lens to establish and implement a College framework and recommendations for equity, diversity, and inclusion to address the needs of the tri-campus SLC community, internal and external.


The EDI roadmap guides the work of the EDI and Belonging Task Force and is an outline for organizing and implementing our strategic planning process. The roadmap is informed by best practices and is a plan that will provide a foundation for building equity and inclusion into all of the College's programs and services and empower all members of the SLC community to be champions of diversity.

Terms of Reference


Ekta Singh, Senior Advisor, Belonging, Diversity, & Inclusion at St. Lawrence College

The chair is responsible for coordinating the SLC 'Belonging' Task Force to gather information relevant to advancing the value of ‘Belonging’ at SLC. This role reports to the Vice President of Human Resources & Organizational Development for day-to-day issues, however, has accountability to the President and College Executive Team for regular updates and recommendations about the development of a College-wide EDI plan.

  • Raven Bedford (Student, Kingston)
  • Terry McGinn (Staff/SA, Kingston)
  • Richard Webster (Staff, Kingston)
  • Christina Chrysler (Faculty, Brockville)
  • Newton Duarte (International student, Kingston)
  • Sara Craig (Faculty/union, Brockville)
  • Jessica Jeong (Faculty, Kingston)
  • Krista Videchak (Staff, Kingston)
  • Ining Chao (Admin, Kingston)
  • Shanika Turner (Staff, Kingston)
  • Shirley Chaisson (Staff, Cornwall)
  • Allison Taylor (Faculty, Cornwall)
  • Muhammad Owais Aziz (Faculty, Cornwall)
  • Robert Rittwage (Faculty, Kingston)
  • Emrys De Souza (Student, Kingston)
  • Wendy Whitehead (Faculty, Kingston)
  • Alejandra Perez (Staff, Kinston)
  • Executive Sponsor: Christopher Garnett
  • Communications Representative: Julie Einarson
  • Christopher Garnett, Vice-President, Human Resources & Organizational Development
  • Glenn Vollebregt, President & CEO, St. Lawrence College

The College executive sponsors are committed to being active champions of equity, diversity, and inclusion on our campuses and in our communities. To this end, the sponsors commit to supporting and prioritizing the work of EDI + Belonging task force and commit to demonstrating accountability for progress over time.


The Belonging and EDI Task Force meets bi-weekly on Mondays. Find meeting agendas and minutes below by date.