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As part of the value of Belonging, SLC supports an inclusive teaching and learning environment that respects and values the diversity of our students. This fall, Policy AC836: Academic Accommodations for Religious, Indigenous and Spiritual Observances Policy was introduced. Under the Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC), SLC faculty and employees are required to accommodate students’ rights to practice their individual faith observances. As the diversity of our student population grows, it becomes critical that we understand students’ rights and work to set up our programs to accommodate individual spiritual practices.

This student-focused policy provides consistent structure and practice for accommodations resulting from a conflict between academic obligations and religious, Indigenous, and spiritual observances, ensuring (as per OHRC), every individual has the right to be "treated equally based on creed, and to freely hold and practice creed beliefs of their choosing". Like accommodations under other OHRC grounds, such as disability, we have a duty to accommodate to the point of undue hardship.

The Student Wellness and Accessibility team includes a Spiritual Care Facilitator, who focuses on spirituality as a key foundational component of overall health and well-being. Through direct support and/or linkages to community faith groups, the College’s Spiritual Care Facilitator builds an ongoing safe and healthy community for all students on all campuses, regardless of denomination, faith tradition, or spiritual conviction. 



Caryn Langstaff, M.Sc., SLP (she/her)
Director of Wellness, Accessibility & Student Success

Kathy Doering, M.Ed. (Counselling) (she/her)
Spiritual Care Facilitator (tri-campus)

Thank you to the Indigenous Services team for sharing their wisdom regarding this Land Acknowledgement.

St. Lawrence College is underway in our journey of reconciliation, and we continue to learn as we honour our commitment to respecting Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being in our communities and on our campuses. Inspired by the calls to action in the Truth and Reconciliation Report, a Land Acknowledgement is one important way we can recognize and respect the original peoples who lived in the region where SLC campuses are now found. 

St. Lawrence College's Land Acknowledgement differs, depending which campus the person delivering the acknowledgement is located on. To know which land acknowledgement to use and when, as well as help with pronunciation, refer to the following resources:

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