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Criminal Psychology and Behaviour

Available at: Online part-time


This program will appeal to individuals who are working or volunteering in a corrections program, working or volunteering at a women's shelter, working with youth at risk or individuals who have a special interest in criminal psychology and behaviour.

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Criminal Psychology and Behaviour

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Online part-time

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Required courses
CSMO 136 Criminal Psychology II - Criminal Minds
CSCL 33 Sexual Violence
CSMO 137 Domestic and Workplace Violence
CSCG 43 Cults and Terrorism
CSCL 34 Co-dependency as an Addiction
CSNC 12 Personality Psychology

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We have hundreds of opportunities with other post-secondary institutions in Canada and internationally for SLC graduates. These are specific to graduates from this program.

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    College was so much better than high school for me because I could open up and begin to explore new possibilities. I had the best experience of my life at SLC. I wouldn't change a thing about it!

    Heather-Anne Foldeak

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    Carole Smith - Certificate Information

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