Culinary Technician Assistant - PM Lab

  • Department: Department: School of Applied Science, Technology & Trades
  • Hours: Up to 12 hrs/week
  • Number of Weeks: Up to 13 weeks
  • Number of Positions: One (1)

Job Description

The successful candidate will assist and work under the direction of Technical Support staff.

Key Duties

    •    Assist with Lab Cleaning and Organizing
    •    Assist with Closing of Labs
    •    Assist with Labeling and Storage of Products
    •    Assist with Stock Making, Miropoix, Prep, etc.
    •    Utilizing leftover product, IE: Soups, Meals, etc. for Essence to Go - Eliminating Waste
    •    General Cleaning and Maintaining Lab Standards

      SkiLls required

      •    Logical thinker/good troubleshooting skills
      •    Able to take direction and follow it to completion
      •    Understanding of, and the ability to demonstrate, the principles of confidentiality
      •    Have a Clean as you Go Mindset

      terms of employment

      • Rate of pay: $16.43 / hour (including 6% vacation pay).
      • This position falls under the provisions of Student Employees in the Part-time Support Staff Collective Agreement and is subject to union dues.
      • The student must be currently enrolled at St. Lawrence College.
      • The student must demonstrate a financial need by filling out the Employment On-Campus Assessment Form, be in good academic standing and sign a confidentiality statement.
      • BBA, Second Career and Apprenticeship students are not eligible for funding by the Student Employment On-Campus Program. They are still encouraged to apply, as additional funding options may be available.

      Posted Date: September 22, 2022
      Closing Date: September 29, 2022

      Apply Online:

      1. Complete the Application form (Apply Now button).
      2. Please have your resumé and cover letter ready in ONE document, using naming convention “LastName, FirstName” (i.e., Smith,Joe). Your document should be in .PDF, .doc, or .docx format.
      3. Your application is not complete until you have completed the Student Employment On-Campus Assessment Form.