Join us for your Program Specific live session where you'll:

  • Meet your Coordinator, Faculty, and other Classmates
  • Learn the program expectations
  • Find out how your program is running for Winter 2021
  • ​Have some virtual fun too!

Date: Monday, January 18th - 10 am Eastern Standard Time


It is STRONGLY recommended you attend the Meet your Faculty program session
If you miss Orientation day, you will miss very important information regarding your program especially during this unique Winter 2021 semester

  1. Microsoft TEAMS  ​
    1. Log in with your SLC username & password
      DO NOT use a personal email, or you won't have access to Orientation
  2. UR SLC, our Student Engagement App ​
    1. Log in with your SLC username & password

How to download:
Mobile Devices

Microsoft Teams and UR SLC are found on the App Store or Google Play

Microsoft Teams - 
CLICK HERE for the steps to download MS Office for Free
UR SLC Desktop - 

No need to register, just click and go! See Where do I find my time and program link above!
Be sure you have UR SLC & Microsoft Teams all set up!

See Where do I find my time and program link above!


  1. Open UR SLC on your mobile device or desktop
      1. Log in with your SLC username & password
  2. Click RESOURCES
      1. Click the Orientation Day - Jan 18th folder
      2. Choose your Campus
      3. Click your Program Session link

Don't worry!  We have a UR SLC desktop version that all students have access too

  • Log into
  • Click the UR SLC icon at the bottom of ​
    • Log in with your SLC username & password
  • Click RESOURCES on the left 
  • Click the Orientation Day – Jan 18th folder
  • Choose your Campus
  • Click your Program Session link

Microsoft Teams will open up directly to staff who can help find your program Orientation session

Email and let us know

  • Full Name
  • Student ID
  • Program
  • Campus