Eyes On PSE

are you starting at slc?

Get focused on the road to success with EYES ON PSE (Equipping Yourself for Educational Success in Ontario's Post-Secondary Education) - our free, online transition-to-college course. EYES ON PSE focuses on what you can expect at St. Lawrence College. To get you prepared for success, you'll learn helpful academic skills, and where you can go to ask for help.

Access to the course will start Monday, July 4, 2022, via Blackboard as PREP 1000.

Outline of Module topics

  1. A New Scene (Navigating this New Experience)
  2. You and Your Education (Your Academic Journey)
  3. Post-Secondary Learning (Expectations)
  4. Learning Strategies (Supports and Skills)
  5. Academic Strategies (Success Strategies)
  6. Personal Wellness (Health, Finances, and Well-Being)

*Note: this course is optional and uncredited. 

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Contact one of the facilitators, if you have any questions.

Sarah Durant, Student Success Facilitator -

Shauna Dick, Accessibility Advisor -