Parents FAQ

The Residence has Residence advisors. Resident Advisors are upper year students that live throughout the residence community. The RA’s are selected as student leaders and act as mentors in Residence. They receive special training in crisis intervention and conflict resolution and are chosen for their leadership abilities and desire to enhance residence life. The RA’s conduct regular floor meetings and organize various residence life activities over the course of the year. Your RA is your front line contact for any type of assistance you may require, so please take an opportunity to get to know them. We also have the friendly faces behind the front desk can answer all of your questions about residence.The front desk is maintained by experienced staff, twenty-four (24) hours a day and seven (7) days a week. They monitor access to the building, help you into your room if you have locked yourself out, and deal with noise complaints (all noise complaints are dealt with confidentially). The front desk can be reached at extension 4999.

If there are maintenance problems in your room such as burned out light bulbs, running toilets or leaking sink faucets etc., please go down to the front desk and fill out a maintenance work order. Maintenance staff will come to your room and fix the problem. All requests are prioritized and you will receive notification upon completion of your request.

Students living in Ontario may apply for the Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit (OEPTC) on their tax preparation form ON-BEN (5006-TG) which states: If you lived in a designated Ontario university, college, or private school residence, place a tick beside box 6114; you will get $25 for the property tax component of the OEPTC for the part of the year that you lived in that residence. St. Lawrence College residence is designated residence for the purposes of your personal income tax preparation. You are not required to provide tax receipts for this claim and for this reason; the College does not issue tax receipts for residence fees.

Residents are responsible for keeping their own rooms clean, including bathrooms and kitchen area. Vacuum cleaners are provided and available for your use; please visit the front desk to borrow one. All residents share responsibility for the neatness and cleanliness of the residence facility and your contribution in this area is a necessary part of residence life. The residence housekeeping staff clean the lounges and common areas in the building. Bathroom checks are conducted once per semester.

No, parking is not included in fees. Residents may purchase an Annual or Semester parking pass from the college website, and will often generally park in the lot at the rear of the residence, though there are no guaranteed spaces in this lot. Daily passes can be purchased at the meters or daily passes can be purchased through the Honk App.In the event of heavy snow falls, you will be required to move your car to allow for snow plowing. Detailed instructions will be provided prior to the plowing. If you do not move your car, it will be towed and you will be charged for the cost of the towing and you will also be responsible for any damage to your car as a result of the towing.

The front desk will accept mail and courier packages. Please be sure to have the students legal name on the mail/package or it will be returned to sender. You will not need to indicate room numbers Please have mail addressed in the following manner to ensure prompt delivery *Please note that St. Lawrence College Residence will not sign or accept 19+ deliveries

(Residents Full Name)

St. Lawrence College Residence

23 Country Club Drive

Kingston, Ontario

K7M 9A4

The residence is closed during the mid-year break and all residents are required to vacate their rooms. You do not have to remove your belongings during this period but you should bring what you will need over the break because you will not be able to access your room during the closure.

Students wishing to transfer rooms must first speak with their Resident Advisor. They must then speak with the admissions coordinator (located at the front desk) or the Residence Life coordinator (located on 2nd floor in residence) Room changes will generally not be allowed during the month of September & January, though exceptions may apply depending on the resident’s individual situation. The Director of Residence and/or the Residence Life Coordinator will make changes in room assignments whenever they believe changes are necessary or desirable. You will generally not be left in a double room alone should your roommate move out.

Residence Staff and campus security have the right to enter a resident’s room for the purpose of maintaining or inspecting facilities. Notice of such entry will be given in advance, whenever possible. Submission of a “Maintenance Work Order” form constitutes your permission to enter your room and complete the repair without further notice. Entry without notice may also take place in circumstances where the health or safety of a resident or guest or the security of the Residence is at risk. Bathroom inspections take place once per term and all rooms will be inspected during the December break.

The Residence staff, with the assistance of Campus Security, is committed to providing students with a sense of safety and security while living in residence. Students can also help maintain this atmosphere by reporting any unusual circumstances within residence to a Residence Staff member. Residents may be required to show ID at the request of residence staff members. During the first two weeks of living in Residence you are required to display your student card to staff upon entry. The residence building is equipped with video surveillance. All stairwells, hallways, lobby areas, and entrances are monitored on a 24-hour basis. Residents tampering with surveillance equipment will face disciplinary sanctions and/or fines up to and including contract termination. The front desk is staffed twenty four (24) hours per day and is in direct contact with campus security.

All guests are required to sign in and out of the building at the front desk (overnight guests must show a piece of photo ID with the front desk and must be signed in 24 hours in advance). Residents need to be with their guest at all times. When a guest is signed in under your name, you are responsible for their behaviour while in Residence. Refer to ‘Guest Policy’ found in the Residence Guidelines for Personal Conduct section within this guide for more detailed information.

Yes. All students living in the residence must purchase the meal plan. The meal plan cost is $850.00 per semester HST included. There are a variety of food options available. Please keep in mind that this is not a full board meal plan and therefore, you are required to provide additional meals for yourself. You are able to bring into your room appliances such as a microwave, toaster oven, electric frying pan, or George Foreman grill. We do not allow hotplates, induction cookers, extra bar fridges, or freezers in the residence.

Neither St. Lawrence College nor Sodexo will be liable, directly or indirectly, for the theft or loss of personal property by fire, water, or any other cause. Students are strongly advised to carry insurance protection against loss or damage to their personal property. It is also advised for residents to protect themselves and their belongings by keeping their window and door locked at all times.

This is one of the more difficult issues for students to face and understand. The Residence Contract is a FULL ACADEMIC YEAR Contract. This means that when you accept a bed in residence and sign the contract, you are agreeing to pay for the residence room for both semesters whether or not you remain living in the residence, subject to the 10-day grace period at the start of each academic semester. You must move out of Residence 24 hours after your last class.If a student wishes to leave the residence, they must notify the residence front desk by filling out a “Residence Withdrawal Form. This form is available at the front desk. The Director of Residence maintains a list of students who have submitted Residence Withdrawal Forms in date order according to when the space is available for re-occupancy. When an external replacement enters the residence, his/her name is placed beside the first withdrawal on the list. Replacements are applied on a residence wide basis, not by wing or floor. If a student withdraws from residence for academic reasons, they are still responsible for paying for their room until a replacement can be found or until the semester ends. There is no guarantee that the residence will be able to fill the bed space. Residence fees are refunded to withdrawn students solely in date order of when they submitted their Withdrawal Form, not according to when an individual space in residence is occupied. This means that the Director of Residence may move a student into any space in the residence as per operational requirements. Practically, this means that there may be a person living in what was your space, but because the residence has not yet reached your spot on the Withdrawal List, you are not entitled to a refund yet. There are often internal moves in the residence that take place at various times of the year for roommate issues. You will be notified when your spot on the Withdrawal List has been filled and a refund will be processed in a timely manner.

The following are a few of the violations of the Residence Guidelines for Personal Conduct that are important for students to know, as you begin your time here:

1. Alcohol: Consumption, possession, or being under the influence of alcohol is restricted to those individuals 19 years or older. Unsafe practice related to alcohol (as determined by Residence Life) is prohibited. Those who are of age are permitted to possess one 26oz bottle or 24 cans of beer. Single serve glass bottles including beer bottles are prohibited.

2. Drugs: Possessing, using, or selling of any illegal drugs is prohibited. Any unsafe practice using prescription drugs is also prohibited.

3. Guest/Escort Policy: You are responsible for the actions of any guest(s) that you are hosting. You must also follow the guest escort policy (i.e. you must be with them at all times, no guests during Welcome Week, etc.). Guest restrictions may be put into effect throughout the year as determined by the Residence Life Office. Please speak to your Residence Advisor, front desk staff or Residence Life Coordinator for more details.

4. Noise: Students/Residents/guests found making noise that disturbs the community during quiet hours or making excessive noise at any time of the day (please see Standard Quiet Hours section for more details).

5. Damage: Tampering with fixtures, fire safety equipment, etc. Causing damage to or stealing any residence property or the property of others.

6. Safety/Security: Failing to follow fire safety procedures. Throwing objects from residence windows, or stairwells or being on the roof or window ledge of a residence.Allowing strangers to enter the building behind you, duplicating residence keys or loaning your

residence keys, or student card to anyone (including other building residents).

7. Smoking: St. Lawrence College is a smoke-free college. As a smoke-free college, the use of tobacco and cannabis products, including vaping and E-cigarettes is prohibited at all campus locations. This includes all indoor and outdoor areas, anywhere within the College, residence buildings and in vehicles on campus. The smoke-free initiative includes any person on campus, whether they are students, staff, faculty, subcontractors and/or employees, and visitors. All events hosted on SLC campus will also be smokefree. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the college smoking policy.

8. Treatment of Others: Engaging in any actions or altercations that negatively impact a student or staff member and will be reviewed under the student code of conduct.

9. Fraudulently Entering a Residence Space: Gaining or attempting unauthorized access to another residents room, residence space or Residence Building.

10. General Regulations: Other violations to make note of include but are not limited to: making an unauthorized room or roommate change, pets in residence, failing to maintain one’s room/apartment in a hygienic or safe manner and failing to cooperate with College Officials. Finally, please keep in mind that all municipal, provincial and federal laws apply in residence!

11. Growing Cannabis Plants: St. Lawrence College Residence does not allow the growing of cannabis plants in our student rooms. The student rooms are a shared living environment and are not engineered to accommodate the increased electrical demands and ventilation to support plant growth. Growing cannabis also presents a heightened risk of fire due to the use of grow lamps and also raises the humidity in the area in which it is grown.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact the residence office at (Kingston Campus) (Brockville Campus) (Cornwall Campus