Artist Bio

Headshot of Veronica Thompson

Veronica Thompson is best known for her paintings and digital works. Her main mediums she works with are acrylic, graphite, and digital. Most of Veronica’s style is semi realistic, with fantasy influences. She also likes to try more graphic works with bold lines and minimal colour. Her common themes with her work are mental health, equality, fantasy and female empowerment. Artist who have influenced Veronica’s work would be Van Gough, Monet and Frida Kahlo. She has said “I love to do works of art which make people think and remember my work for years to come.” Veronica hopes to have her works published in either a gallery or possibly an art magazine to have her work more accessible to new eyes.

Artist Statement

I have been interested in art my entire life since I was the youngest in a family of six where all of us were very creative. I got into painting with acrylic and watercolour at a young age and I started taking art classes when I started high school, I started to get recognized by my teachers and was given the opportunity to paint a mural in the school’s library. When I entered grade eleven I was given the opportunity to work with the school’s graphic design program and this is when my love of digital artwork and computers. I am becoming more and more proud of my artwork and I hope to be expanding my body of work in the near future.