Artist Bio

Headshot of Sterling McCullough

Perth Ontario based artist, Sterling McCullough, started his artistic journey late in life at the age of 57. Always wanting to try art but never being able to find the time, he took an art course while upgrading in 2017 that changed the direction of his life. 

A self-described multimedia artist, Sterling’s exploration in art is unending, currently creating works in oil, watercolour and acrylics, as well as printmaking and sculptural art. He continually endeavors to find his niche, while appreciating that art is about the journey, not the destination  

Artist Statement

Art has always held my interest and having an opportunity to learn to create art has been a blessing. I find that there is a wide range of subjects to inspire my art, from homelessness to feral cats. Making a statement in my artwork, that everyone can understand is very important to me. I view my art as an extension of my feelings and life experiences and I endeavor to add a little of that to every piece I create.