Artist Bio

Christine Antle is an acrylic and mixed-media artist. Her art career has been a journey of self-expression, healing, and self-awareness. She primarily paints women and although the women depicted are imaginary, she can see herself in the paintings. Christine is currently doing a series titled Facing & Moving Forward. The focus of the series is healing. Her many art influences include Prudence Heward, Frida Khalo, Georgia O’Keefe, Helen Frankenthaler, Amedeo Modigliani, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Henri Matisse.  

Christine has done one juried show at the Marianne Van Silfhout Gallery in Brockville, Ontario. She received an honourable mention for her piece “On Fire 2019” (recently updated and renamed “My Mother Earth”)

Born in Brockville, Ontario she now resides with her family in the village of Athens, Ontario.

Artist Statement

I began painting as a response to hearing about my abuser’s death.  It may not be the most inspirational way to begin a career goal, but this is the only truth I can tell.  It was the beginning of my healing journey and became my way of expressing or processing emotions which cannot be expressed with words.  

In life I am a planner and organizer but when it came to my artwork, I didn’t do either.  It was spontaneous and messy at times.  I can also say I used to come from a place of fear.  Fear of expression, fear of showing myself to the world or even to a few classmates. School has taught me to get organised and focused with my artwork and its direction.  

I use oil and acrylic paints, charcoal, pastel, ink, and mixed media to paint mainly strong women from my imagination but I also paint landscapes. I enjoy working with acrylic because it is easy to clean up, and it gives me the bold effects I like in my paintings.  I like oil paints for their forgiveness and rich colours, and the simplicity of an ink drawing or gesture as well. I like hard lines, mixes of color for boldness and expression. 

Art gives me the freedom to express myself when words fail me.