Artist Bio

Self-portrait of Bill Durrant

Bill Durrant is an emerging artist, aspiring to become proficient in oil painting and to be well-read in art history so he can pursue his goal of combining the drama of art from the Baroque era with portraits and events of the present day. Durrant’s art can easily be identified by a meticulous attention to detail and a high standard of finish. By using both paint and gel mediums, his work uses present-day mediums to create artwork that has an old-world look

Artist Statement

My goal in creating art is to share with the viewer the wonder I see in the world around me. To create art that stirs up emotions ranging from pathos to quiet awe. In my art, I want to depict people as unique individuals with lives worth learning about; to create art that tells a story that is captivating, and prompts a desire for self-reflection in the viewer. The art that I create is designed to be thought-provoking, filled with drama and gravitas. With the use of graphite, oil paints, and gel mediums, this sense of thoughtfulness, dignity, and respect for the subject matter is demonstrated.

Through numerous studies of life drawing, perspective, and in particular oil painting, I am aiming to produce artwork that helps to develop my artistic prowess through the use of trompe l’oeil, as well as learning how to depict human beings in a life-like, emotionally-relatable manner for the viewer. Continual studies of the human figure and rendering complex shapes in proper perspective are my ongoing commitments to honing my artistic skill.