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St. Lawrence College has partnerships with educational institutions across Canada and around the world, allowing our students the opportunity to study abroad and gain knowledge and experience in a new learning environment, for a few weeks, a semester or a year.

International Students

St. Lawrence College is a destination for people from every continent. Each year, we welcome hundreds of international students from more than 40 countries and counting. Wherever you’re from, you’ll feel at home at St. Lawrence College. International advisors can help you make a smooth transition, and we offer many services specially designed to help international students succeed. International students can be a part of a Canadian family in a homestay arrangement, or we can help find other housing, including residence. We help with your orientation to Canada, banking, visa, immigration, health insurance and more. Prospective International students can learn more here.

Credit Transfer Opportunities

St. Lawrence College knows that earning one credential may not be enough to take you where you want to go. We work with many colleges and universities to create pathways for our students and graduates. The Ontario Postsecondary Transfer (ONTransfer) Ontransfer website will help you search for courses that can be transferred from one Ontario institution to another while minimizing lost credits or the need to repeat classes.

The ONTransfer website includes:

  • A comprehensive database that connects block transfer agreements and collaborative programs between Ontario's Colleges and Ontario Universities;
  • Transfer policies and practices of all Ontario institutions;
  • Credit transfer contacts (email and phone number) for each Ontario college and university;
  • An Ontario-wide list of Graduate Certificate programs;
  • A link to credit transfer information and agreements in other Canadian provinces.

You can access the ONTransfer website at

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