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Pam Secord

Paramedic Alumni Pam SecordI always knew from a child that I wanted to be a Paramedic, I loved the thought of helping people in times of need. I chose SLC because of its smaller atmosphere, I felt like people actually got to know each other rather than just being a number at a giant college. The Paramedic Program staff at SLC were amazing, you could tell they were truly passionate about what they do and they don’t just clock in and clock out to get paid.

The Paramedic Program was extremely challenging and pushed me in every way. I am so happy I chose to do the Paramedic Program at SLC because it prepared me for the real world. I moved to Alberta right after school, it was always my dream to live out west, I knew this previous to starting college. It was a rough start when I first got out here, the work was scattered all over and the province is very different in many ways, it took some getting used to. I started working as an Industrial Medic the summer after I graduated in 2010. I worked very hard for two years and put in a lot of hours I was able to get on with a company in 2013 called Advanced Paramedic Ltd. (APL) as the logistics coordinator, I since then have been promoted to Industrial Medical Supervisor and oversee about 20+ medics in the field.

St. Lawrence College provided me the tools to succeed in my current role. I would never have been prepared for the work load in the field if it wasn’t for Dan Shannon pushing me to do my best at all times. Going to SLC was the best decision I made, it opened the doors to where I am today and I like where I am today a whole lot!

Meg Cashman

Meg Cashman wanted to be a paramedic for as long as she can remember. She was working in a call center, in a job she hated. One day, a customer chatted about being a paramedic and spoke enthusiastically about the really great things she liked about her job.

“I applied for college that night!” reveals Meg.

Today, Meg is a Primary Care Paramedic for the Leeds Grenville EMS covering the area between Kingston and SD & G. “I always knew I wanted to work with people. I originally went to school to be a Physiotherapist Assistant,” she explains. However, that career did not provide the challenges and the excitement Meg was looking for in a job. “Paramedic was one of those things in the back of my mind that I wished I could be but I never thought I could do. Finally, I went for it!”

Meg is happy she did. She says that the transition from student to paramedic was relatively easy and painless. “I learned as much as I could while I was a student, and that made my first few weeks on the job much easier.” The four months of consolidation were key in helping her be well prepared. “It was great that my last semester of school was a time I could concentrate solely on my road experience and not have to worry about school assignments or tests,” she continues.

Meg’s list of enjoyable things is endless. “The facilities are fantastic,” she says. “Full of everything I needed to practice my skills and to know all the equipment that I would be working with every day. Everything in the lab is exactly what services out there, and not just the local service but others across the province as well!”

As for the faculty, Meg couldn’t say enough. “They are truly caring about everyone’s success and they work their hardest to help us all achieve our goal. They would literally do anything they can to do that!” she insists. “They really made us all understand what the job is all about.”

Meg’s overall experience at St. Lawrence College was everything she had hoped for. “The in-class theory gave me knowledge, the lab experience taught me the skills and consolidation put it all together and built my confidence to do the job successfully.”

Excerpted from Voyageur Magazine