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Daniel Williston

2011 graduate
MTP Alumni Daniel Willinston

Daniel Williston was announced as part of the Kinky Boots cast in Toronto - click here to read the Toronto Star article.

Performances: Accidental Death of and Anarchist (Soulpepper Theatre – “Officer 2"), Peter and the Starcatcher (Western Canada Theatre – “Alf”), Avenue Q (Stage West – “Brian”), Evil Dead – The Musical (Starvox Entertainment – “Jake”), Barber of Seville (Soulpepper Theatre – Performer/Guitarist), Rosencrantz & Guildenstern (Soulpepper Theatre – “Tragedian”), Death of a Salesman (Soulpepper Theatre – “Stanley”), The Royal Comedians (Soulpepper Theatre – “Honest Cobbler”), The Crucible (Soulpepper Theatre – “Ezekiel Cheever”), Dirt (Soulpepper Theatre – Performer), Aleck Bell: The Musical (IANA Theatre – “Melville/Old Bell”).

Other: JJ Thompson and the Pillars (Bassist/Vocalist), JJ and Dan (Singer/Guitarist), Murphy’s Law Two Man Band Show (Singer/Guitarist/Drummer/Comedian), Skin (Writer/Drummer/Singer), Diecast Calm (Singer/Writer/Guitarist/Drummer/Bassist/Keyboardist), The Spoon River Anthology (Upright Bassist/Vocalist), A Night at the Popera (Featured tenor).

Advice to current and future SLC students: "Demand more of yourself. Demand more of your educators."

Dan Curtis Thompson

2011 graduate

MTP Alumni Dan Thompson

Performances: Scooter Thomas Makes It To The Top Of The World (Black Rabbit Theatre - Dan played “Scooter Thomas”),You’re A Dead Man Charlie Brown (Eddie May Murder Mysteries on Ottawa - Dan played “Linus”), the original Canadian touring production of The Beaver Den (Dan played “Tom”), Thumbelina, Beauty and the Beast, The Pied Piper (Solar Stage Children’s Theatre), Twelfth Night, All’s Well That Ends Well (St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival)

Other: Dan also does stand-up comedy from time to time, all the while being Artistic Director for Black Rabbit Theatre.

“To me, it doesn't matter what roles you play, it's about making art that fulfills you while paying your bills[…]The point being, what I'm currently doing is being too stubborn to quit.”

Anwyn Musico

2007 graduate

MTP Alumni Anwyn Musico

Performances: Into the Woods benefitting The AIDS Committee of Toronto and The MCC Toronto Refugee and Immigration Program (“Cinderella”), The Little Mermaid (Drayton Entertainment – “Allana”), Les Misérables (Drayton Entertainment – “Cosette”), Elf (The Grand Theatre – “Jovie”), West Side Story (Neptune Theatre – “Maria”), Seven Of Us (Goldenberg Productions – “Lauren”), The Sound of Music (Mirvish Productions – “Liesl”), Anne of Green Gables (The Grand Theatre – “Prissy Andrews”)

Other: When not on contract, Anwyn continues to work her way through her undergraduate degree in Psychology!

Advice to current and future SLC students: “Don’t be afraid to fail! Use this time at school to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Playing it safe won’t help you grow and may cut you off to dimensions of yourself you’re not aware exist. Make sure to take risks and make mistakes while within the safe structure of the classroom. We learn much more from making mistakes than by being perfect. When picking material, remember to pick some pieces that challenge and scare you. When you conquer them, you will have developed a new sense of confidence in yourself that will enhance your future work. Finally, my best advice is to be a good person. People want to work with good people, so it’s in your best interest to be one. It’s a very small business, so be kind, respectful and gracious. Remember that it’s always a gift when we get to do what we love.”

Chris Sams

2011 graduate

MTP Alumni Chris Sams

Performances: Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Magnus Theatre – As cast), Once On This Island (Acting Up Stage – “Daniel”), Legends of Harmony (Drayton Entertainment – As cast), Big Bands Legends (Drayton Entertainment – As cast), Songs of Sinatra (Drayton Entertainment – As cast), Songs of Sinatra (Victoria Playhouse Petrolia – Featured soloist), Two Hit Wonders (Stage West – Ensemble), Hair (The Grand Theatre – Ensemble/”Hud us”), The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Classical Theatre Project – “Jim”), Romeo & Juliet (Classical Theatre Project – “Tybalt/Paris”), Twelfth Night  (Classical Theatre Project – “Orsino/Feste”), Hairspray (Port Hope Festival – “Gilbert”)

Awards: Bang, Bang You’re Dead – 2007 Sears Drama Festival Award of Excellence (Acting)

Michele Shuster

2012 graduate

MTP Alumni Michele Shuster

Performances: The Little Mermaid (Rainbow Stage – Ensemble/Female cover), Dora The Explorer Live (Lower Ossington Theatre – “Captain Pirate/Backpack”), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Al Green Theatre – “Mrs. Potiphar”/ Dance Captain), Mary Poppins (Rainbow Stage – Ensemble/”Annie”), Freckleface Strawberry (Lower Ossington Theatre – “Strawberry”)

Other: Michele has recently been hired as Apprentice Choreographer for Rainbow Stage’s 2015 Season. She has choreographed the Lower Ossington Theatre’s productions of Rent, Avenue Q, Spamalot and The Sound of Music. She was a Broadway World Toronto Best Original Choreography Nominee for her choreography for Spamalot. Michele also choreographed the Canadian premiere of Bare for WatersEdge Theatre Collective.

Zachary Knowles

2012 graduate

MTP Alumni Zachary Knowles

Performances:Hair (National Tour 2014), Potato Thins Commercial (main actor - watch on YouTube), St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival 2012 Season

Allison Hess

2013 graduate

MTP Alumni Allison Hess

Performances: The Sound of Music (The National Arts Centre – “Kurt”), Dora the Explorer Live! (Lower Ossington Theatre – “Pirate Piggie/Backpack”), Shrek: the Musical (Lower Ossington Theatre – “Wicked Witch/Duloc Dancer/Dragon puppeteer”)

Other: Music director for Hamlet and Maid for a Musket (St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival – 2013 Season)

Joshua Clayton

2013 graduate

MTP Alumni Joshua Clayton

Performances: Dora the Explorer Live! (Lower Ossington Theatre - “Benny the Bull”), The Sound of Music (Zeller), Shrek: the Musical (“Big Bad Wolf”), Hamlet (St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival), Maid for a Musket (St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival)