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"The BPSYC program really is the best of both worlds; it balances the theory of a degree while putting that knowledge into practice. A theoretical foundation is taught from day one, as is research and an understanding of the literature. Alongside these aspects, students learn early on how to comprehensively assess, and create interventions using a client-centred approach. They then apply these skills to real life settings and workplaces, where it is a necessity to be flexible and respectful in multi-disciplinary environments. As a graduate of the program, my training and placement experience gave me an edge when applying for graduate school. When I entered my graduate education in Counselling Psychology, I already had a comfort level with reviewing research, determining best practices and assessing case models for clients. I also had the knowledge of many different intervention strategies, as well as when they are appropriate for use and how to use them. I attribute my education at St. Lawrence College to preparing me for this experience and obtaining a SSHRC scholarship to conduct research in the Coping Experiences of 911 Communication Workers. I would not have gotten the training or the experience working closely with my professors and others in the field, had I attended a traditional university setting."
- Sarah Horsford, Med., CCC

"The Bachelor of Applied Arts in Behavioural Psychology (BPSYC) program at St. Lawrence College provided me an excellent academic foundation on which to start my career. The knowledgeable and friendly faculty, quality academic programming, and numerous supervised clinical placements have fostered my academic, clinical, and interpersonal growth in a field that I truly love. The academic work and placement opportunities assist students to find a meaningful, rewarding, and stimulating career within the greater scope of behavioural psychology. The faculty are tremendously gifted with the ability to identify students' strengths and interests.

Upon graduating, I immediately obtained full-time employment with Counselling Services of Belleville and District (CSBD), providing Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) to children with moderate to severe autism spectrum disorder (ASD). My position entails working one-to-one with children in a specialized teaching environment. During instructional time, I utilize teaching principles derived from Skinner's Verbal Behaviour (1957) to teach skills to clients (e.g., language, self-care, play skills, etc.), reduce challenging behaviours, and promote social interaction. I also recently obtained part-time employment with Bayfield Treatment Centres as a behaviour therapist in a multi-disciplinary team. In my position at Bayfield, I design behavioural interventions for youth with challenging behaviours living in a residential treatment centre. Both of my positions have been tremendously rewarding, exciting, and challenging.

I have maintained my relationship with St. Lawrence College after graduation by tutoring BPSYC students. I have also co-founded a behaviour analysis reading group with current and former BPSYC staff and students. In the future, I plan to become involved with supervision of BPSYC placement students.

I attribute all of my success and experience so far in my career to the BPSYC program.  The program teaches current skills and knowledge that are critical in the field. The faculty in the program have a vast amount of knowledge and experience, which they used within course work and field placement to offer high-calibre education. I have been afforded many experiences and opportunities from the BPSYC program and I believe that there are many more career experiences to come."
- Nik Pankow

"I graduated from the Honours Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology program (formerly the Bachelor of Applied Arts in Behavioural Psychology program) in 2010, one semester after completing my field placement with Providence Care's Community Brain Injury Services. That five month placement provided me the opportunity to enter the field of brain injury for the first time and become a valued member of the agency. The skills I developed, experience I gained, and relationships made during my time there resulted in what is now my career where I have obtained full-time employment and the benefits associated with that, all while doing a job that is rewarding and I enjoy. I am also fortunate to have been given the opportunity of being a BPSYC placement supervisor, both for the college and the agency. Supervising placements has allowed me to stay connected to the program, keep me involved in the ABA world, and continue to learn and develop professionally."
- Stephanie Ostler
"I am proud to say that I am a graduate of the Behavioural Psychology (BPYSC) program at St. Lawrence College. The program provided me with abundance of positive skills and knowledge that I use every day in both my career and personal life. I had nothing but positive learning experiences while completing the program. The teachers were caring and took the time to get to know each student’s strengths and needs which I believe contributed to my success in the program.

Upon graduating I was able to obtain employment immediately within Autism Services and have had many positive experiences working in the field.  I have gained experience delivering ABA services within individual and group settings, as well as, supervising a team of ABA Therapists delivering individual and group based services. At the time of graduation I did not know this, but the skills that I learned in the Behavioural Psychology program assisted me in completing the Masters of Applied Disability Studies program at Brock University.  Since completing my master’s level of education, I have become a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and was recently given the opportunity to re-join the Behavioural Psychology teaching team. In 2013 I began supervising BPYSC students on placement, 2014 began tutoring for the program and in 2015 I was offered a part-time teaching experience with the program.

All of the experiences that I have talked about are because of the Behavioural Psychology program.  The program teaches skills and knowledge that are currently being used within the field.  The teachers in the program have a vast amount of knowledge and experience regarding the field, which they used within their courses to offer state of the art education. As a result of graduating from the Behavioural Psychology program, I have been blessed with many experiences and I believe that there is many more experience awaiting me."
- Lisa Lynch, M.ADS, BCBA