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PSYC 5DG introduces students to the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis.  Students will learn basic principles of operant conditioning and their range of application (including developmental disabilities, education, community psychology, and mental health). As a student in this course, you will learn to define and operationalize behaviour, how to set behavioural objectives, conduct functional behavioural assessments, and how to monitor and evaluate behavioural change using direct and indirect methods of observation. Ethical issues related to the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis will be highlighted throughout the course and explored further in the Ethics Course which follows next semester. Particular emphasis will be placed on conducting behavioural assessments and interventions from a person-centered framework, respecting the dignity of the individual, including the right to self-determination and effective treatment. Lectures, discussion, in-class participation, role-plays, and team behavioural exercises will guide the presentation of the course material.