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NURS 2500

This course uses a decision-making process and Henderson’s conceptual framework to examine concepts, principles, and interventions to meet the needs of individuals of all age groups. The focus is on concepts of health and illness and their influence in the need satisfaction of the individual, their family and/or significant others. The units studied are: challenges to health function, fluid and electrolyte balance, pain, the operative experience (pre-, intra- and post-), infection and inflammation, immobility, neoplasms, challenges to mental health and the childbearing family. Pathophysiology, diagnostics, and treatment modalities are integrated throughout the units.

Prerequisite(s): NURS1500 + NURS 1501 + NURS1502 + NURS 1503 + NURS 1507 + PHYS 1200

Co-requisite(s): NURS 2502 + NURS 2503