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Professional communications is an intermediate breadth course based in the liberal arts that is designed to prepare students for success in various dimensions of communications within the context of their professional lives. The purpose of this course is to examine three key dimensions of professional communications in order to successfully integrate them into a sophisticated skill-set for the budding professional. These dimensions include: 1) Interpersonal communications as professional communications: gaining a deep understanding of the nature of interpersonal relationships, including an understanding of the self in relation to others; 2) Oral and written communication: understanding the importance of the mastery of effective oral and written communication skills; and 3) Critical thinking and reflective practice: developing an understanding of the necessary roles of critical thinking and reflective practice in the professional setting. Students will learn how to apply these dimensions of the successful professional into their writing and, most importantly, into their everyday professional interactions with others.

Prerequisite(s): LART10DG + PSYC16DG