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IETT 301

This course continues from IETT 300: Robotics Projects. It focuses on the use of the microcomputer/microcontroller as a basis for robotic control, control systems measurement and control, data communications and higher-level programming.

This second course deals more with the analog uses of the microcomputer than the first course did. As such it will look at ways of analog to digital and digital to analog conversion and getting analog signals into the Basic Stamp. From there the course looks at display, retransmission and control using analog systems and devices interfaced to the microcontroller.

This course will also act as an applied focus for the other second semester electronic and measurements courses. It will be used to illustrate the use of semiconductor devices and to form the basis for various pressure and temperature measurements.

The use of various analog sensors will also be applied to the mobile robotics base that was introduced in the previous microcontroller course. This will offer greater capabilities to the robot, allowing it to detect distance, obstacles, light and temperature. The course will again culminate in a robotics-based competition (non-graded) between student teams to cause the robot to perform some defined task.