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St. Lawrence College’s Hairstyling and Esthetician training salons implement comprehensive recycling program


St. Lawrence College (SLC), in partnership with Green Circle Salons, (GCS) will begin a comprehensive recycling and reuse program in the hair and esthetician training salons and spa on the Kingston and Brockville campuses.

In implementing the program, Dynamic Design Salon and Spa in Kingston and Transitions Salon in Brockville will help significantly reduce environmental impact on the planet through recycling of foils, colour tubes, paper, plastics, excess hair colour waste (most salons simply rinse leftover liquid chemicals into the sink and down the drain), and other spa waste.

The program also diverts hair out of landfill and into other more sustainable projects. Green Circle Salons, in connection with various partners, is looking at ways that hair can play an important role in a number of commercial applications including on oceans to help clean up oil spills and other recovery projects. In 2010, GCS sent more than 1,000 pounds of hair to the Gulf of Mexico to help clean the BP oil spill.

“With today’s age of eco-responsibility, St. Lawrence College’s Hairstyling and Esthetician students will learn that their future businesses are changing for the better,” said Brooke Gilmour, Sustainability Manager at SLC. “We are very excited to educate our students and help take the industries in a new direction with exceptional standards of environmental accountability.”

The beauty industry poses many challenges to the environment, from sourcing of ingredients to disposal of packaging and products, according to Gilmour. “Through our alignment with Green Circle Salons, we hope to ameliorate SLC’s ecological footprint by implementing simple green changes that will make our training salons more sustainable. We are proud of this new partnership and knowing that Green Circle Salons is 100% traceable and fully accountable for how they handle the materials we give them.”


For media information:

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St. Lawrence College
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