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Garden Party at SLC


After announcing our partnership with Living Cities and the addition of our CSA Urban Fresh garden on our Kingston campus in the spring, it is now time to officially cut the rope to this local, organic garden. To mark this green occasion, join us at our Garden Party event on Wednesday, July 7 at 4 pm, for a fresh perspective on local produce.

Located just behind the maintenance garage, north of the shipping and receiving area, this organic operation has many benefits such as a planet- friendly aspect that promotes a healthy lifestyle  at a great value.

All of the produce is grown right in the city, on SLC’s small scale, people-intensive urban farm. Without using chemicals (pesticides or fertilizers), fuel and energy, this farm also helps to increase soil quality, rainwater retention and the biodiversity within the cityscape. As the produce is harvested on the day of pick-up, this ensures that you are getting the most fresh, antioxidant rich yield for your value. With the average family spending $20-45 per week on a good assortment of vegetables at a grocery store, this urban garden packs a value that speaks for itself of just $25/week.

Our CSA is a great way to lessen your carbon footprint, receive a variety of healthy vegetables by the season, while being kind to your wallet. What’s not to like?