Helena Neveau

Artist Bio

Helena Neveu

Aanii, my spirit name is Waasaa Biidaasamose Kwe (Walksfar Woman). I am a proud Ojibway woman from the Batchewana First Nation in Northern Ontario, and a member of the crane clan. I promote health and well-being by encouraging students to find balance in the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual aspects of their daily lives. I enjoy sharing the seven holistic Anishinaabe practices for daily life: talking, laughing, crying, dancing, sweating, yawning, and yelling and believe laughter is essential to human well-being. As the Knowledge Keeper in Residence, I want to build a safe and welcoming space for our Indigenous students and create a positive and inclusive atmosphere for learning and indigenous cultural awareness for all members of the SLC community.


Helena will be teaching Indigenous Drum Building at the Brockville campus June 18th and 19th from 9 am-4 pm