What is a micro-credential?

Micro-credentials are short, competency-based training opportunities that focus on “in demand” workplace skills and provide real-world learning experiences.  Courses are developed in consultation with industry experts so that the specific skills and relevant competencies that are assessed meet the needs of employers.

Take courses individually or stack them to build larger credentials.  Multiple micro-credentials may serve as pathways to other SLC programs.

Each micro-credential earned comes with a digital badge that can be shared with employers and added to your online resume, portfolio, and profile.

someone logging into a password protected server

Develop the knowledge and skills to prevent, identify, mitigate risk and report online scams and fraud.

Delivery: Online

This micro-credential consists of 4 required courses.

  • Cyber Security: Scam Prevention
  • Cyber Security: Scam Identification
  • Cyber Security: Mitigating Risk
  • Cyber Security: Scam Reporting

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woman checking inventory

Explore the systems put in place for both Distribution of raw materials as well as how best to transport materials in an efficient and fast-paced environment. Develop management skills to be able to run a well-oiled and safe process.

Delivery: Online

Complete both courses to attain the Distribution & Transportation Systems micro-credential. 

  • Distribution Systems
  • Transportation Services

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There is a demand in health care for professionals to manage information in the healthcare system. The evolution of technology has helped us digitize health data, making the management of health information integral to the health care team.

Consisting of 3 micro-credentials the HIM Milestone is a pathway to your new career. This hybrid program combines convenient online learning with in-person practical components to round out your experience and directly apply your learning in real-world simulations.

Delivery: Hybrid (online and in-person learning)

  • Clinical Coding, Classification and Abstracting
  • Clinical Terminology
  • Digital Health Leadership

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Island Destination

Gain an overview of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry and how the different components fit together to create value for an organization. The courses provide practical experience in some of the most common areas of the tourism and hospitality field from both an operational and tactical perspective.

Delivery: Online

This micro-credential consists of 4 required courses plus 2 electives - one Tourism Ambassador course plus one other elective.

  • Hospitality & Tourism: Introduction to Customer Service

  • Hospitality & Tourism: Industry Fundamentals

  • Hospitality & Tourism: Remarkable Customer Service

  • Hospitality & Tourism: Post COVID-19 Standards

  • Elective: Tourism Ambassador

  • Elective: Culinary Basics

  • Elective: Housekeeping

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Transport Fleet

Acquire the skills to streamline transportation, use metrics to aid in scheduling, and optimize the flow of traffic to ensure proper inventory management. Gain the knowledge at the heart of business enterprises and the ability to use it effectively.                 

Delivery: Online

Complete the following three courses to attain the Logistics micro-credential.

  • Logistics: Fulfilment
  • Logistics: Inventory Optimization
  • Logistics: Fleet Optimization 

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Man using a drill press

This hybrid micro-credential combines online theory and hands-on labs. Learners explore the parts, techniques and uses of milling, lathe, welding and heat treat equipment and then. led by an experienced instructor, apply theory to practice in state-of-the-art labs.  Protective equipment requirements and safety protocols are covered in a required theory course and in each lab.

Delivery: Hybrid (online and in-person learning)

Theory Courses (online)

  • Machine Tool Safety
  • Lathe
  • Milling Machine
  • Heat Treat
  • Testing and Inspection 

Practical Courses (Kingston/Cornwall Campus)

  • Lathe
  • Milling Machine
  • Heat Treat
  • Testing and Inspection

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Quality Insurance Inspection

Understand how standards impact quality assurance in the manufacturing industry. As you become familiar with standard operating procedures and good manufacturing offices, you will learn what to look for and how to conduct an inspection through its corrective action process.                     

Delivery: Online

Complete these two courses to attain the Quality Assurance and Compliance micro-credential.

  • Quality Assurance and Compliance: Documentation
  • Quality Assurance and Compliance: Implementation

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Quarter-deck on coast guard vessel

Four micro-credentials are available.

  • General Ship Knowledge
  • Marine Emergency Duties
  • Navigational Safety
  • Simulated Electronic Navigation

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