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As the College embarks on its biggest expansion since our creation 50 years ago, it seems only natural that we would include our Alumni. YOU are SLC, and we would like to involve you in the next phase of our mission: the Uncommon Campaign.

We chose to name this initiative in honour of the unique path of each grad like you, and the quote that inspired us could be the description of any SLC grad: “Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom” (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

 Today we invite you to inspire the students of the next 50 years with your uncommon generosity.

LEAVE YOUR MARK by supporting the SLC Alumni Fund at any amount that you are able.
For every dollar you donate, $1 will be matched - doubling your personal impact.
For any gift of $100 or more, we’ll include your name on our Alumni Wall –
to inspire future generations of SLC grads!

The SLC Alumni Fund is one of the best ways to show the students who have followed you, that they
are part of a larger SLC community. With your leadership, the legacy of the College experience will be sustained for future generations to come.

A 50th Uncommon edition Alumni Donor Wall is being built to express the utmost gratitude and recognition for each alumni donor. In making a leadership gift this year of over $100, your name will be added to the wall of generous alumni in support of SLC. 

We hope you will join us. Our College’s vibrant history is made up by the individual story of each graduate like you. It is not the collective success of top performing graduates, or the status of the College. It is a story of uncommon people, who make an uncommon impact.

Please consider leaving your mark by making a gift this year. Leave your Mark

The SLC Alumni Fund has already assisted in supporting students and providing the best preparation possible for their post-grad life. Now we are taking this impact a step further to improve the student experience with new opportunities and resources from specific program enhancements, such as an Evergreen Equipment Fund to maintain learning resources, and a new facility for Health Care Simulation Labs, to better train our future health care providers. From more study space to better access to cutting-edge technology, and a new gymnasium, the Uncommon Campaign seeks to improve the outcomes for students, and our community.

Visit our website: Uncommon Campaign 

Discover our Uncommon student stories of access, creativity, experience, knowledge, opportunity and preparation thanks to the support of our Uncommon donors.