Eugénie F. Deguire

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Eugenie Deguire

Eugénie F. Deguire 

Expressionist Photographer in close-up and macrophotography. 

The combination of my knowledge in photography and psychology education lead me towards a unique artistic interpretation: Fine Art macro-photography, with an expressionism twist. 

I consider myself an individualist thinker who leans toward respect of human spirituality and nature. re. Thus, my viewers can sense the possibility to retrieve their soul in harmony with their bodies. 

In my website’s collection 2021, “The Wonders of Nature Under Eugenie’s Ark”, I expressed to the world my strongest values. I’m reaching the viewer’s heart with spiritual vision and metaphors. 

However, in exhibition, my elucidative poems complement each of my photographs. I consider the images submitted to the Juried Exhibition has been a lovely challenge to me while maintaining my strong values and inner feelings related to the fauna, flora and the creatures.