Charles T. Low

artist Bio

Charles Low

Charles T. Low has felt the art-photography compulsion for many decades. 

If he has a style, it revolves around principles of light and composition, more than on recognizable themes. That said, a considerable proportion of his work originates in the pre-sunrise light. 

Charles thinks about two convenient frameworks: Light-Composition-Background and Beauty-Subject-Meaning. If those qualities attain synergy, he hopes that art may emerge, that process always being more of an aspiration than a destination. 

It is of course important to have good equipment. The exact nature of the equipment matters less to him. 

The Brockville Area Photography Club provides a local venue for in-person mutual growth as an artist, often in ways which are only possible face-to-face. Excursions, "challenges", and simply informal conversations all contribute. Valuable friendships have emerged! 

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