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Consent It's as Simple as Tea

St. Lawrence College is committed to ensuring our college is a great place to be and learn. We are committed to preventing incidences of sexual violence and assault and will support the survivors of these acts.

We encourage our students, staff, and community to consider their role in preventing sexual assault and violence. It is always your choice to give consent. It is okay to say no. It is never okay to act without consent. And if you witness this, it is not okay to not do anything.

The 'Draw The Line' campaign has been launched collegewide to support our efforts in preventing sexual violence and assault. We encourage YOU to have the conversations about consent and consider how you can support one another, and consider your role in preventing these acts. We encourage you to watch this short video about consent -video.

We are not alone in our desire to end sexual violence and assault. Provincial support - link.

Where to get help if you have experienced sexual assault or violence

What to do if you witness sexual assault or violence

Our policy