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Step 1 of 3:

Please complete the following three documents and return them in person or via email to your Student Success Facilitator (SSF).

Copies of all the documents found below can also be found outside your SSFs office. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Peer Tutor Employment Application form (pdf)

Employment On Campus Assessment (ECA) form (pdf)

Peer Tutor Responsibilities and Employment Agreement (pdf)

Step 2 of 3:

Once your Student Success Facilitator has approved your application, you will need to complete the following additional paperwork. Your Student Success Facilitator will review your documents and submit them to Human Resources.

Payroll Direct Deposit Bank form (pdf)

SLC Confidentiality Statement form (pdf)

TD1 Personal Tax Credit Return form (pdf)

Personal Tax Credit Return TD1ON form (pdf)

Please also take the time to review the information on the Peer Tutor Manual for information and frequently asked questions.

Peer Tutor Manual (pdf)

Step 3 of 3:

Once your SSF matches you with a Peer Tutee(s) please track your hours, ask your Tutee to sign the form, and then submit them along with your time sheet to your Student Success Facilitator. Your SSF will submit your paperwork to the Payroll Department.

Tutoring Session Log Sheet (pdf)

St. Lawrence College Timesheet (pdf)

Payroll Deadline Dates (pdf)

Sample Forms

For samples on how to complete the forms listed above please see our sample forms below.

Sample - Employment on Campus Assessment (ECA) form (pdf)

Sample - Personal Tax Credits form (pdf)

Sample - St. Lawrence College Timesheet (pdf)