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The Academic Support Centre (ASC) supports student learning by offering free resources and tutoring services in the areas of English Writing & Literacy, Math, Science, and Accounting. The ASC exists on all three St. Lawrence College campuses, and although our services vary slightly, we offer to help to all SLC students. We always appreciate the faculty’s efforts to direct students to our services, and we invite interested members to consult the help areas listed below for more information about facilitating student success.



Directing Your Students to the ASC


Please consult the general guidelines below for more information about how you can effectively guide your students to us.


Please Do:

Tell students we exist and how to find us:

Guiding students to our website, encouraging them to make an appointment (some subjects may be booked ahead at, or explaining where they can pick up materials at one of our locations can be a great way to introduce students to the service.


Remind students about our role:

Students are often confused about what we can offer. Explaining to students that we can help them build skills and look at their work with them – but cannot teach the subject, edit/proofread work for them, or correct content – helps manage their expectations.


Let us know about assignments we might see:

If you are introducing a new kind of assignment or requiring a different citation style, feel free to let us know what we might expect to see. If we know that we might be expecting a large volume of students completing a new assignment, it can give our staff an opportunity to prepare by consulting or pulling relevant resources.


Please Do Not:
Instruct all your students to use the ASC:

It can be frustrating when students don’t take advantage of the available resources. Unfortunately, student appointments are most productive when students make a choice to use our services, not when they are required to meet with us. Additionally, the ASC is not equipped to provide support for an entire class at once, nor can we verify if your students have used our service. To avoid overwhelming the ASC, it’s best to encourage students to use our services (and to plan ahead!) and allow them to make their own decisions.

Expect perfect assignments:

The ASC helps students develop skills, identify problems in their work, apply solutions, and improve for future assignments. The work, however, remains the responsibility of the student and will reflect their success in applying the skills they are developing.




Arranging In-Class Visits


Upon request, the ASC offers in-class presentations on topics including ASC services, professional/academic writing, APA citations and references, and math basics. If you would like to arrange a classroom visit to encourage students to use our services or to encourage underlying skill development, please contact the relevant campus ASC by email. Please note that classroom visits are dependent on the availability of staff for the relevant date and time, demand, and other scheduling commitments.


When requesting a classroom visit, please remember to include all relevant information:

·         Your name

·         The course you are instructing

·         The time, date, and classroom number/location of the class

·         The topic(s) you hoped the presentation would address

·         The approximate desired duration of the presentation


Contact Us

Kingston Campus

Located in the Library
613-544-5400, ext. 1693

Brockville Campus

Located in the Library
613-345-0660, ext. 3307

Cornwall Campus

Located in Aultsville on the 3rd floor: Room A343
613-933-6080, ext. 2357