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The Common* Fall semester is extended to include:

  • The week of Monday, December 18th through Friday, December 22nd
  • (College is closed December 23 to January 1 inclusive)
  • The first two weeks of the new year:  Tuesday, January 2nd through Friday, January 12th
  • The Fall semester end date will be Friday, January 12th

The Common* Winter semester is as follows:

  • The Winter semester start date is Monday, January 15th
  • The Winter break remains unchanged
  • The Winter semester end date remains as originally scheduled on Friday, April 27th

Note:  this plan gives students 13 weeks to complete the originally scheduled 15-week Fall semester and 14 weeks to complete the originally scheduled 15-week Winter semester.

*Not every program will follow this Schedule – just as not every program followed the general semester structure before the strike. Where applicable, consultation with placement partners and sponsoring agencies is occurring. Each program exception will confirm details with students/faculty as soon as that information is known. 

Fall Semester Drop Date without Academic Penalty

The Fall semester drop date — the last date on which students can drop a course without academic penalty — has been extended. It is now Wednesday January 3, 2018.