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Students currently receiving OSAP who were likely to graduate before December 31 of this year, and who have their current semester extended, will receive additional OSAP for the length of the extension.

Other students currently receiving OSAP who have their winter semesters extended past the normal end date will also receive additional OSAP aid.

OSAP will start making payments for extensions in mid-December. Any support provided by the college to a student through the Student Strike Relief Fund will not be counted against their OSAP aid.


Q. What happens to students who withdraw from college and are eligible for a refund but receive OSAP?

A. Consistent with OSAP policy and the OSAP loan agreement, post-secondary institutions are to send the full amount of any tuition refund to the National Student Loan Service Centre (NSLSC) for credit against the student’s outstanding loan balance (if applicable). This means that for students on OSAP, their tuition refund will be used to pay down their OSAP debt. For a small number of students without any OSAP debt, they will receive a direct refund. Students should contact the Financial Aid office for more information.

Q. OSAP students are also impacted if they haven’t fully withdrawn from their program. What other supports are you providing to students whose current and subsequent study period are extended?

A. Where a student’s academic year is extended, OSAP will provide additional supports to eligible students for living expenses.

Q. How will this support be administered?

A. Eligible students with extended study periods will automatically be assessed for additional OSAP funding.

Q. When will this new money be flowed to them?

A. Once colleges communicate extended study periods to the Ministry, OSAP students will be reassessed for funding and will receive an update via their OSAP account. Their new money will flow to them before the end of their extended study period.

Q. Will the amount of money students receive affect their ability to also collect from the Student Strike Relief Fund?

A. No. Additional OSAP funding will only support additional weeks of living expenses. Any incremental expenses over and above these needs can be addressed through applications to the Student Strike Relief Fund.

Q. What about apprentices who are receiving OSAP?

A. Apprentices who are also receiving OSAP will be entitled to the same support as non-apprentices receiving OSAP.