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Updated November 2

I have placement documentation (First Aid, CPR, immunization, criminal reference check, etc.) due.  Should I be completing these requirements even though the due date was/is during the strike?

Yes. If students have placement prerequisites due (e.g.  Immunizations, CPR, First Aid, criminal reference checks, placement documentation, etc), now is a good time to complete them. It is important that you have completed these requirements in order that you are ready for placement once the strike is resolved and return-to-school plans are implemented. If you are unsure of what your placement prerequisites are, please contact your placement clerk, check your Blackboard placement hubs or call or email Jarrie Burns, Manager of Placement Program at or ext. 1521.

Updated October 30

When do I need to pay residence fees?

The deadline for second semester residence fees will be postponed. These fees were originally due on November 6th. We will provide further details at a later date.

When do I need to pay tuition fees for the winter 2018 semester?

In light of the ongoing faculty strike, St. Lawrence College will be extending the deadline for current students to submit winter semester tuition fees. Tuition fees are no longer due on November 15th. More information and new fee deadlines will be provided by the Registrar’s Office at a later date.

Updated October 27

Will I be refunded for the parking pass I purchased?

We are aware of our students’ concern and frustration regarding their payment of fees for services that they are not utilizing during the strike, such as parking passes. The College is committed to completing a review of these services once the strike is resolved.

Updated October 24

How are recreational and team sports affected by the strike?

Some recreational activities and team sports will continue during the strike. The Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) has communicated that it will continue to conduct its varsity sports programming with no changes to current schedules or formats during a work stoppage. As of October 24, no games or tournaments have been postponed or cancelled due to the strike. The coaches for athletics teams at St. Lawrence College have not changed; no assistant or temporary coaches have been brought in during the strike. For further information, please go to

Updated October 20

I have signed up for a program through Corporate Learning. Is it cancelled?

Corporate Training activities are still running, but there have been some modifications to delivery of some of the programs. Inquiries can be directed to David Osmond at 613-544-5400, ext. 3290.

Updated October 19

What will happen to my reading week?

At this time, it is too early to predict how any upcoming scheduled breaks in academic semesters, including reading week, might be impacted by the strike. When there is a resolution to the strike, a return-to-work plan will be implemented and this plan will address reading week. You may wish to hold off on making travel plans for reading week until the strike has been resolved.

I’m interested in attending St. Lawrence College next year, can I still apply during the strike?

Yes. Our College Career Advisors are available to speak with you about the programs we offer and the process for applying. We are currently accepting applications for January 2018 intake as well as for the 2018/2019 academic year. You can connect with a College Career Advisor at 1-800-463-0752 or

I’m currently attending Career/College Prep classes (literacy and basic skills training) at St. Lawrence College. Are my classes cancelled during the strike?

Yes, Career/College Prep classes on our Brockville, Cornwall, and Kingston campuses are cancelled during the strike, with the exception of Career/College Prep classes at our Midpark location. However, students have the resources they need to continue independently. We encourage you to check your SLC email, as information on additional community resources has been sent to Career/College Prep students.

Are Counselling Services available during a strike?

Yes, but services will be reduced for urgent counselling needs only. Previously scheduled appointments will be cancelled for the duration of the strike. Any student needing to access counselling services should email or contact the respective campus office by phone:

Brockville: 613-345-0660, ext. 3145/3111
Cornwall: 613-933-6080, ext. 2709
Kingston: 613-544-5400, ext. 1593

For more information about specific services or facilities please click here.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and need to speak with someone immediately, please visit the nearest hospital or call Good2Talk, a free, confidential helpline for post-secondary students, available 24/7/365 at 1-866-925-5454 or dial 2-1-1 and ask to be connected with Good2Talk. Good2Talk can support students through a wide range of issues that may be impacting their mental health and well-being, including: depression, anxiety, substance abuse, academic stress, personal or family relationships, loneliness, financial concerns and other challenges facing students transitioning to post-secondary.

What happens if I already have a counselling appointment scheduled?

During the course of the strike, any previously scheduled appointment will be cancelled.

Updated October 18

Will students be able to return to their placements immediately as soon as the strike is over?

Getting students back to placements after the strike is a priority for the College. Once a settlement is reached (i.e. the strike is declared over) students enrolled in placement and clinical courses will be informed about next steps as soon as possible. Students should check their College email and Blackboard course sites frequently for updates and special instructions.

Updated October 17

I plan on going home, will I have any advance notice when the strike is over and classes are resuming?

Yes. When there is a resolution to a strike a return to work plan will be implemented. This will include a minimum of 48 hours advance notice to students regarding the timing for classes to resume. We will communicate directly through your College email and will have similar information posted on the College website. We encourage you to check both regularly.

Updated October 16

What if I have an assignment due or a text/exam scheduled during the strike?

Students are not expected to submit assignments or write tests/exams during the strike. Any assignments due or tests/exams scheduled during the strike will be rescheduled, unless you are taking a Continuing Education or distance education (Ontario Learn) course. However, students still have access to College email, Blackboard, and College services and may wish to continue working on assignments or studying for tests/exams in preparation for when classes resume.

Are city buses still coming to the campus bus stops?

No. However the bus stops in have been relocated to areas immediately off campus in Kingston and Cornwall only.

Kingston Transit: Most Kingston Transit buses will stop on the St. Lawrence College side of Portsmouth Avenue (no crossing the street necessary). If riding 2-KC, 3-KC or 18, please get off at King & Portsmouth to cross at the lights.

Strike Kingston Transit Map

Cornwall Transit: Cornwall Transit buses will stop for drop-off at TAS Convenience Store on Montreal Road near the College entrance, and will stop for pick up across the street on Montreal Road.

Brockville Transit: The Brockville Transit bus stop for St. Lawrence College will not be relocated and will continue to be located on Magedoma Drive.

Posted October 15

How will I know if there is a strike?

As of 12:01 on Monday, October 16, Faculty are on strike. We will continue to provide updates through College email, on the College website and through social media. We would encourage you to check our updates on the College website ( each day for the most up-to-date information.

Is the College open during the strike?

Yes. The College is open. For more information about specific services or facilities please click here.

What should I do during the strike?

Feel free to come to the College. We encourage you to use this time for study and group work.

Is it okay to cross a picket line? 

Yes.OPSEU has set up picket lines at all entrances to our campuses. As a result, entering the campus may be slower than usual and you should plan for delays. Please proceed with care as you come through the line. You may be stopped, whether in a vehicle or on foot, so that information can be shared. These are our faculty so stop and say hello. We must always respect the rights of one another.

Will this strike prevent me from completing my courses?

In the history of the College, no student has lost their semester due to a work stoppage. Planning for course completion is a priority and dependent on the length of disruption.

What services and/or facilities are available?

Residences, Student Services (OSAP, Counselling [reduced service], Health Centre, Math & Writing Centre, Test Centre), food services, Library, IT Services, computer labs, student governments, fitness facilities, and bookstores. For more information about specific services or facilities please click here.

Are my classes cancelled?

All classes are suspended for the duration of the strike, including College Prep (exception Midpark Drive), all general education, online and/or hybrid courses as part of a full-time program. This applies to all courses, regardless of scheduled time of day. Continuing Education and distance education (including OntarioLearn) will continue to be delivered. Exceptions will be specifically identified and communicated to students.

I am a student in an apprenticeship program. Is my program affected by a strike?

Yes, apprenticeship training, including day release and block release, is suspended.

Can I continue with my clinical or field placement?

Placements in full-time programs are cancelled. Any exceptions will be communicated directly to students.

I am in a Laurentian University Program at SLC. Does the strike impact me?

Note: BBA students enrolled in online courses offered at LU will continue their courses when LU resumes delivery.

I am a student studying at an affiliate (Alpha International Academy, Canadian College). Am I affected by a strike?

No. Our affiliate partners and their faculty are not St. Lawrence College employees or members of OPSEU.

I am an International student. How does this strike affect me?

Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions for international students.

Will I get a tuition refund since faculty are on strike?

At this time, there is no policy in place for Ontario colleges to reimburse tuition.

Can I access to my email, Blackboard and other online College resources?

Yes. During the strike students will have access to all SLC technology.

Can I contact my professor during the strike?

Faculty are exercising their legal right to stop work and should not be accessing College technology during this time. We recommend that students do not attempt to contact faculty on College business.

Can I still host my usual study groups so that we can continue our school work?

Yes. We encourage it. Students may continue with any regularly scheduled activities that do not require faculty involvement.

I am a student who receives tutoring, will peer tutoring still be available during the strike when there are no classes?

Yes, pending the availability of peer tutors. Please contact a Student Success Facilitator for information.

How long will the strike last?

Unfortunately, there is no way to predict the length of time a work stoppage by faculty might continue. Historically there have been 3 strikes in the entire 50 years of the college system, none of which lasted longer than 3 weeks.

If I have a job on campus and there is a strike, will my employment continue?

Yes, you will be able to continue working in your student employment position. Your duties could be modified depending on the requirements of your department. 

I am a peer tutor, will I still be employed as a tutor during the strike when there are no classes?

Yes. Peer tutors can continue to be employed. For information, please contact a Student Success Facilitator.

I have a job on campus but want to return home. Can I request a leave without pay from my job and return to it after the strike is over?

Yes. Please discuss your request with your supervisor. Please remember that the length of a strike is unknown and we are hopeful it will not last long. Keep this in mind when considering travel.

Is the Test Centre Open?

Test Centre services are continuing for external third-party proctoring, Continuing Education courses and Distance Education courses (including OntarioLearn). Test Centre services for accommodations and rewrites for all other full-time program courses will be suspended for the duration of the strike.

Are field trips cancelled during the strike?


Where can I find more information?

College Academic Strike Update information is available at

For more detail regarding negotiations you may go to