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Strategic Plan 2019-2024: Currently taking shape!

This video launched our #StratPlanSLC process for 2019-2024. It provides a summary of what we've accomplished and invited people to provide their feedback during the Fall of 2018.


Key Elements to #StratPlanSLC


Our aspirational stake in the ground that defines where we are going.


Rooted in our communities, we will be a globally recognized college delivering innovative learning opportunities and preparing career-ready graduates to be leaders in their fields.

The Elements of our Vision:

We have purposely chosen the key concepts in our vision to guide our directions and differentiate St. Lawrence College from other higher education institutions.


We are a community college with campuses in three distinct communities in Eastern Ontario. As such, we are vital contributors to the growth and development of our local communities.

Globally Recognized

We operate in a globally connected environment. By enhancing current agreements, partnerships, and international projects, and internationalizing our curriculum, we are solidifying our global status.


We are a college and proud of it! We are pleased to offer a full suite of credentials, certificates, diplomas, degrees, as well as apprenticeship training, and graduate certificates to meet the learning interests of our diverse student population.

Innovative Learning

The core of our existence is based on providing innovative learning opportunities to all our students, full-time or part-time, in the classroom, on the web, and on the job. Our innovation delivers value to our students, partners and communities.


Students come to St. Lawrence College for a variety of reasons. Our graduates leave prepared to enter the workforce, be entrepreneurs, change or improve their careers, or continue their love of learning.


Our graduates leave prepared to excel in whatever they choose to do, whether in a professional or personal capacity.


The long-lasting definition of what we do, for whom and why.


We are dedicated to student success, academic excellence, and leadership in our communities.


Students First | Teamwork | Innovation | Integrity

Part of our core mandate as an educational institution is to put our Students First. Our staff is committed to providing our students with the programs, services and personal support to ensure their success. Simply put, we are here because of our students.

Our college succeeds because of Teamwork. Our dedicated and talented staff works together to achieve our collective mission. We are committed to fostering the skills, knowledge and passion of our team to deliver excellence in all that we do – for our students, our colleagues and our communities.

Providing educational opportunities that deliver value to our students requires us to be resourceful and creative. This will ensure our college thrives as an institution and is resilient to external pressures. We believe building upon our achievements and focusing on Innovation will advance the college and allow us to meet the evolving needs of our students now and in the future.

As we work toward our vision and mission, we strive to continually build trust with our students, staff and community partners. We exemplify Integrity; it governs our actions and decision-making processes. We believe honesty, inclusivity and accountability are the pathways to success.

Strategic Plan 2014-2019